Tuesday, December 15, 2015

This is Why...

I like to think that God created my blood in the form of literature. With every book I read, every poem and novel I write my heart beats wildly. When I'm challenged in my school work to read mass amounts of material, material that is maybe 30 pages long per article; I get excited. The thought of coming across words that I would never say or use, the rush of learning something educational and not fictional, the idea that I will find a new word of the day to incorporate throughout my day.

Yeah, It's the little things...

People try to shop for me, they always ask "what do you want?" If you truly knew me, listened or paid attention you would know the answer. Something that has to do with reading or writing and I will be forever grateful. One year, someone bought me a gift card to B&N, that same year a guy bought me a really expensive necklace. The necklace was nice and I appreciated it, came in that beautiful teal box. However, for an intellect the fuel to feed my brain... that B&N gift card touched me in places, made my heart beat, made everything tingle in ways a necklace could not.

Why? Because to get to me, you have to understand the love I have for my gift from God. To get to me you have to understand the joy that comes from cracking open a book. The sensation that rushes through my fingers to my arms and to my heart, to only be released throughout my body as I turn the pages. That orgasmic climax of "the new", the educated, the words, the journeys of a different world created by wonderful artists who creates beautifully written masterpieces. I love books, I love reading, I love the feeling it brings.

 I pray that one day, my words, my novels and poems will touch someone the way it touches me... That's why.

<3 Ebony

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