Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Alessia Cara- Know It All

I was excited when I first heard her voice on her hit song "Here", I had to figure out who this girl was. Then after stalking her vocal talents on YouTube, watching her do covers of other famous songs; I knew she was something awesome. Not just because of her look, her voice but because of her ability to make any song her own. It's easy to do a cover, use the same inflections, the same beat and melody, however, it's not easy to do a cover in an entirely new format, which is exactly what Cara does.

On her new album titled "Know-It-All" I gathered that Cara is speaking to what she knows best, being a true teenager. In her interview with The Breakfast Club, Cara touches on the meaning of the title, and referencing it to teenagers who think they know it all. After taking a listen to her album, I feel in love with her voice all over again. She is one to watch in the music industry, and I'm excited to see where her vocals and lyrics take her as she grows up.

My favorite songs on the album are : Here, a lyrical tale of that socially awkward teen who's not into the party scene and drama that surrounds the night. And Scars to Be Beautiful, a self loving anthem encouraging people to love who they are and the scars that come along with the journey.

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