Thursday, October 22, 2015

Not For Everyone

A group of older women asked if I had any children, when I said no they said "why not?" then another "what's wrong with you?" and another "how old are you?" then the last "you aint getting any younger!"

 My response was simple.

 "No, I am not getting any younger. Actually I'm getting older and wiser. With that said, why bring a child into this world when I am not wed? When I am not in a relationship? Why make a child suffer, because 'I'm not getting any younger?' NO Offense, this is not the time that you were raised in. I am not having a child just because everyone else is. Nor will I ever. Have you ever thought that I didn't want children? What if I had a condition to where I cannot have children? What if I just had a miscarriage? What if I'm a widow?"

the ladies moved in their seats, one even swallowed her spit very hard

"So ladies, in respect, instead of asking someone 'why?' answer all my questions and then think of this, why are you older women pressuring these younger women? Why do they HAVE to have a child to please you? You are not pushing them out, you are not caring for them, you are not waking up in the middle of the night, you do not know them. I'm aware everyone is titled to their opinions, which is why I'm expressing mine. Have a wonderful day."

 I'm sorry, but a child is a BIG deal. I know many women who are raising children and they are like superwoman. That wonderful life, as of right now and maybe never is not for me.All I have to say is this. who cares if a woman wants to sleep with however many people. Who cares if she has kids with so and so. Who cares if she never has kids! It's not up to you to judge someone and their life. If it doesn't effect you head on, then keep moving on. For those ladies who are doing whatever they want, be proud of it; and forget all the others telling you what you should do or how you should feel.

<3 Eb

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