Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Names To Ghetto For Me

I typically don't watch The View. For some reason it's a really dry type of talk show for me; but I did check out one episode just to give it another shot. The episode I happened to watch, was when Raven Symone ranted about not hiring people with ghetto names. Check the video below:

I wonder why she would say that when she has walked out the house looking like THIS  ?

I also wonder, what someones name has to do with their ability to perform a job? Why should someones name cause them a chance to even be hired for a job? If you didn't know, people don't them selves it's up to their parents. Either way, saying you wont hire someone based off their name makes no sense.

It's like, not hiring someone because they are a different ethnicity, or to big or small for television, ALL things Raven Symone has mentioned that cost her gigs. She was very vocal about being on That's So Raven, and the producers telling her she needs to lose weight. If that moment was so heart breaking, just imagine what you are doing when you wont hire someone based off their name.Weight you can change and work towards losing, a name is harder.

I used to be a fan, but the pure ignorance that has escaped out of her mouth SINCE she's gotten this platform is disgusting. I'm also ashamed to even say I never missed an en episode of That's SO Raven. Does she not know that plenty of people with 'ghetto names' are the ones who supported her show? Does she not understand that those people with 'ghetto names' are the ones who are so proud to see someone like her on television?  Why am I asking these questions, obviously she knows. She just doesn't care. 

It took her awhile, but she did release a statement, part of which includes:

"My comments about discrimination have spun out of control" read the rest HERE
Despite her apology which I believe to have been written by her management staff, I elect not to be a fan of Raven any longer. My thoughts are similar to the video below... 


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