Friday, September 18, 2015

My Journey to Happiness: Mixing it Up!

So yes I did it. I stepped outside my comfort zone from my fine chocolate brothers and tried something new. He was Mexican but I thought he was a tanned Caucasian fellow.  He held my attention for AWHILE! I was surprised that I had something in common with someone like him, since he is from A DIFFERENT CUT OF LIFE, I gave him a shot because well, he was very conversational and seemed interesting.

It lasted a good couple months until he turned into a douche bag, actually one of the worse guys I've ever entertained in my life! So that was short lived, but hey at least I can say I was open minded at some point in my life. Check that off the bucket list!

Whats next? A trip to where my heart lies!
-xo Ebony

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