Wednesday, September 16, 2015

My Journey to Happiness: Hello Kitchen!

Since I love being healthy. I'm glad I got out my own ass and got back into shape. A lot of it was due to cardio and weights, BUT my body wouldn't be the way it is without food! I LOVE TO EAT! Sugar is my weakness, and I love a good steak!

So another step in my journey to happiness, has to be my new found love of the kitchen. I like to figure out my own recipes. I love winging it in the kitchen and trying something new. Other times I love doing basic stuff, cook book things, television suggestions and what ever my sister Tasha discovered that I might like.

It to safe to say that the kitchen turned into my boyfriend, we have many romantic nights together.

Whats next? Dating? But mixing it up..
-xo Ebony

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