Monday, September 14, 2015

My Journey to Happiness: Goodbye Hair

Why is it so damn hot in Texas? It really does feel like Satan's armpit down here! Not to mention the humidity! Alaska gets hot but we don't have to suffer the death mist and musk or humidity. Because of that, the heat, sweating when I'm sitting down, sweating when I lift my arm, sweating when I get out the shower. The amount of times I was washing my hair because it was laying on my neck was ridiculous! I think my sweat was sweating.

So I decided to do something, that plenty of people told me not to. I chopped off my hair, I was told NOT to do it by many, employers, friends, men and the list goes on. There's some type of shrine for long hair. Like that is the vision of beauty. The European look is what many people find attractive and anything less is simply unacceptable. But I got tired of living up to someone elses' vision of what's beautiful...why?because it makes me happy. Also because I was going through another mental break down and for some reason, women love to do something drastic when shit hits the fan. I'm currently in the stages of growing out my awesome haircut. It was a lot of fun, but winter is coming and my ears are cold! It's a good feeling to know that I can do whatever I want, and don't care if others don't like it.

Whats next? The Kitchen!

-Xo Ebony

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