Friday, September 25, 2015

My Journey to Happiness: Date Night!


No not with a man, but instead with myself. I love to go to movies alone because well, I hate someone talking to me or asking me "what happened?" because they went to the bathroom. So to get to know myself a little more, I got all dolled up, and took myself out on a date. Seems weird? But it felt so good to be still, silent, in my own presence, and in reality I knew that I wasn't alone, God was sitting right across from me. I read a book, ate my meal, watched families eat together and listened to them laugh. I prayed for them, their happiness to remain constant and that I one day might enjoy that also. God spoke with me the entire time I ate, and listening to his voice, with a room full of people, is the best thing I've ever experienced.

What's Next? Guns.
-xo Ebony

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