Wednesday, September 23, 2015

My Journey to Happiness: Big Mitch

In early February of 2014, I  got an email for a call back to be on the voice. I was so nervous and made sure to practice with my vocal coach Big Mitch as much as possible. But on February 18, 2014, I was tagged in a picture from a mutual good friend of Mitch and I. It said that our dear friend passed away. When he was called home, I stopped singing. I'll do it randomly but when I see that someone is listening or smiling at me, I either get off key to pretend like I was joking around or I just stop and wish I was invisible. If you couldn't tell, Mitch and I were working on my HORRIBLE stage fright! So what's next? Well I joined a writing team for a record label, and I submit my songs that I've written. I've never wanted to become a singer, however I know that my talent for writing and singing has to be used... right? Well it's time to get back into the sing of things.... I'm happy to say that I'm back at it, and I'm doing vocal training.

What's Next? Date Night!
-xo Ebony

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