Wednesday, September 9, 2015

My Journey to Happiness: My Body

I started this journey with a move, and now I have to change me.

I looked int he mirror at pounds of fat that had piled up from bad choices and bad men. I looked at years of abuse, mental, physical, emotional and of alcohol. I looked in the mirror at my 5'7" frame, weighing in at 197lbs. I held my weight well....

I sat in my empty apartment, I only had a blow up mattress, a few frozen meals in the fridge and $20 in my pocket. I cried, I was thankful to finally sleep in peace, not be scared for what might come in the door or who might show up at my house. I was also crying because I lost myself, not just in my weight but in my heart.
Step one, I went to the bootleg gym at my apartment complex and decided to run. I ran for almost an hour. I burned thousands of calories, I was sweating, crying, yelling at times; people walked by staring like "who is this psycho?" I forgot how many miles I ran within that hour, I just know, that I was hurt and that was my release. Operation old Ebony (body wise) in effect NOW!

In four months, I dropped over 40lbs. I think I dropped the weight so fast because I was always active, healthy and an athlete. So when I fell off the bandwagon, getting back on it wasn't difficult for me at all. I ran my first 5k for a sorority house in town.I began group bootcamps bright and early with FITU and Trainer Ashlye, and I started lifting weights at Golds Gym. Now I can step outside and into the humidity without the fear of dying, because I made it my bitch, I ran in that shit.

Whats next? figuring out who God is....

-xo Ebony 

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