Tuesday, August 11, 2015

POEM: The Letter

The Letter 
-Ebony Williams

I sit and watch this man in the mirror.
His presence is just, his gear on tight, his hat never tilted to the side
The creases in his pant legs, were straight, never wrinkled
His hands were rough, but delicate enough to pick me up
His smell was strong, but not strong enough when he was gone
“Now honey, I’ll be back soon!”
I watched as my father talked to my mother
She held up her left hand and sigh at the loneliness of her fingers
He smile “don’t worry” as he kissed her cheek and left
I walked to my room, and held his picture close
Praying to God that my daddy was safe and will come home
Years passed, no word from him
My mother was strong but she was sad
I was lost and confused, questioning God asking “where is this man? “
The man that I loved, that I watched in the mirror, the man that I wanted to walk through the door. I haven’t seen since 2004.
But mama always said he would find his was back home
He would brave the weather and fight many storms
To tuck me in at night, and sing that song I like
I waited on the window seal, for him to come home

I was playing with my dog when I noticed something odd.
A few men were walking towards the driveway
One had his head down, the other sat in the driver’s side
I watched as another wiped his weeping eye
I then felt that mans pain, and yelled for my mom
My heart was beating so fast it almost popped out of my chest
She held me tight, and looked up, to see several men in a military truck
She looked and me, fixed her shirt, she walked to the door and prayed
A prayer to the heavens that he was okay, that this walk up the drive way
Was nothing more than an update
She opened the door, and saw two men
“Ma’am, are you Renee?”
My mother, a woman so strong, allowed a tear to trickle down her cheek
“Yes” she said as she held her head high
“This is for you”
A man extended his hand and gave my mother an envelope. She read the note and ran to the backyard
She opened the door, and my father was there, with all his soldiers and on bended knee as my mom slowly ran towards him  he said
“Will you marry me?”

 -Ebony Williams
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