Friday, August 21, 2015


I've come to terms with realizing that most of my "friendships" are just one sided therapy session for that other person, not for me. I'm the unpaid therapist who is more than willing to listen to the drunken state that you are in. The amount of times my phone rings to hear someone cry or complain, to read a text and let someone vent is countless. BUT the amount of times my phone rings just for people to check up on me is almost nonexistent.

I would also like to mention the amount of times my phone goes off, calls, texts, emails etc from people I know, that  want ME to help them out. Whether it is doing a commercial, writing a song, modeling with them, modeling their product, sharing their music and music pages AND how can I forget BUYING their music and or products. BUT the amount of people who hit me up to do those things don't even support my things.

It's confusing, but at the same time, no matter how much people change, how holy someone seems to be, how focused one believes they are; the selfishness that lies within people is something that will never go away. I wonder, if I had an outlet like myself, would I do the same? Would I treat someone who genuinely cares for me with the same lack of respect and puppetry as those do me? Would I? Watch how you treat those around you. I don't burn bridges and I haven't lost a friend I was meant to keep.

<3 Eb

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Brooke said...

I LOVE YOU! & will always be here for you!

angelica gould said...

This is so true.