Friday, July 31, 2015

Why Haven't You Said Anything Yet?

People have asked me, why haven't I written about the Sandra Bland case. I have my reasons for taking my time before I bring it to light. I could state facts, I could write an obnoxious, angry vulgar opinionated piece, but instead I'll write from the heart. 

The Sandra Bland case is one I have no words for. 

I am Sandra Bland.... I am a young African American woman. I am a believer in human rights. I am a voice for black lives matter. Some say all lives  matter, this is true. I however, can't focus on all lives when black lives are continuously being hunted like we're in the older days. I can't focus on all lives when people care more for a damn lion over people. 

I am Sandra Bland. Someone who isn't surprised by PEOPLE brutality. I am someone who knows good and well that slavery is still present. I am NOT someone who thinks racism is a thing of the past.I am NOT the oblivious person who THINKS slavery ended when the Emancipation Proclamation was signed, I am NOT someone who joyously celebrates July 4th because my ancestors Independence Day didn't come until two and a half  years later in June, hence Juneteenth. 

I am Sandra Bland. A young African American woman. 

I am Sandra Bland. A person who drives through or passes Prairie View, Texas to get to my destinations. 

I am Sandra Bland, someone who at times forgets to use her turn signal.

I am Sandra Bland, someone who believes in what's right and taking a stand. 

I am Sandra Bland a person with many words 

But yet as a writer, a voice and a human being. I for once have no words.
This case cuts deeper than any other case I've read, seen and researched because