Friday, July 31, 2015

PRINCE!!!! New Music - Stare

Oh how I love me some him! Check out Princes' new song Stare

Why Haven't You Said Anything Yet?

People have asked me, why haven't I written about the Sandra Bland case. I have my reasons for taking my time before I bring it to light. I could state facts, I could write an obnoxious, angry vulgar opinionated piece, but instead I'll write from the heart. 

The Sandra Bland case is one I have no words for. 

I am Sandra Bland.... I am a young African American woman. I am a believer in human rights. I am a voice for black lives matter. Some say all lives  matter, this is true. I however, can't focus on all lives when black lives are continuously being hunted like we're in the older days. I can't focus on all lives when people care more for a damn lion over people. 

I am Sandra Bland. Someone who isn't surprised by PEOPLE brutality. I am someone who knows good and well that slavery is still present. I am NOT someone who thinks racism is a thing of the past.I am NOT the oblivious person who THINKS slavery ended when the Emancipation Proclamation was signed, I am NOT someone who joyously celebrates July 4th because my ancestors Independence Day didn't come until two and a half  years later in June, hence Juneteenth. 

I am Sandra Bland. A young African American woman. 

I am Sandra Bland. A person who drives through or passes Prairie View, Texas to get to my destinations. 

I am Sandra Bland, someone who at times forgets to use her turn signal.

I am Sandra Bland, someone who believes in what's right and taking a stand. 

I am Sandra Bland a person with many words 

But yet as a writer, a voice and a human being. I for once have no words.
This case cuts deeper than any other case I've read, seen and researched because

Monday, July 13, 2015

A Little of Today's Show ;)

MESSAGE: Stop saying Why Me? & Start Saying Use Me!

I'm tired.

Tired of hearing those around me doubt themselves and allow themselves to dwell in a puddle of woe is me, sorrow, sadness whatever word you want to use. I'm tired of hearing the self doubt, the put downs and the insecurities. I'm tired of hearing:

"It's in gods hands" 
"I trust God he's got me" 
"I'm okay"

When in reality, a minute, maybe hour or day or week will pass and they're back to doubting. Where did the self empowerment go? Where is the pride? The belief? The strength?  Some people love the pain because that's all their used too. I know some don't want to get out of that pit of sadness because if they choose to be happy, the chances of them being sad will come again. And who wants that? 

When I hear those around me doubt themselves, it starts to suck some life out of me. My happiness fades and  I start to doubt myself. I wonder if I'm okay because my closest people aren't okay nor are they happy. It's a reflection, now I'm wondering if I'm happy or am I just faking.I understand  why people say be mindful of your circle, because negativity is a poison that can kill you. When I catch myself doubting, whether I'm sending a text vent or making a phone call, I stop myself and pray. 

So stop doubting, stop stressing, and stop being a liar to yourself. If you're religious, when you doubt it means you DOUBT GOD. if you're not religious, when you doubt you DOUBT YOURSELF. DOUBT=FAILURE , but here's the thing about failure; YOU have the ability to overcome it. All it takes is time. Will you spare it? 

STOP saying "WHY ME?!" And start saying "USE ME!" You got this, just try, and keep trying and honestly believe that you can and will be okay. 

<e Eb 

Monday, July 6, 2015


As I people watch, I wonder how many people can honestly trust the one next to them. The one they're in a relationship with, the one they're extremely intimate with. Everything seems great, the roses never smelled better and the grass has never been so green when you're with someone you truly care about. I wonder, how much that person honestly cares about you.

What would you do, if you were so intimate with someone, you love them, they make you feel so good and they tell you that you do the exact same thing for them, to only months later break up.. and you find out just how much he  or she truly cared.. You go to the doctor and find out you have something so serious, that you can't get rid of; only to remember your last partner was someone you loved. How hurt are you now? What is going through your mind? How fast is your heart beating and your blood boiling? There is then, a small molecule of hope that your ex cares. So you text them about the situation you found out about, to not only be ignore and then blocked on social sites. How do you feel now? How cowardly is that of a man or woman to do? If you've never felt alone, I bet you know that meaning now.

Sounds messed up right? Just think about it, this happens all the time, it has happened and it will always happen. As I people watch, scroll through my social sites, and think of all those around me. I truly wonder, who is not a coward, who is honest, faithful, truthful and pure. After scrolling through thousands of people I'm still counting those people on one hand.

So I ask you, can you really trust the one you're with?

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Friday, July 3, 2015

Studio Fun with Katye Hamlin!

Katye Hamlin stopped by to promote her new cd! She played some amazing songs AND was lots of fun! Justin and Rusty decided to come by, soo what do I do? I put them on air !

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