Monday, June 22, 2015

Dear Gorgeous Man at The Bar

Dear Gorgeous Man at The Bar,

First off, I want to say thank you for "admiring my beauty from across the room" and slowly making your way towards me. Thank you for buying my drink while trying to keep me engaged in a conversation. You were a gentleman at first, but when I refused to accept a drink that you walked up with, or allow you to kiss me and grab my ass, things shifted quickly. I have no idea who or what you thought I was. I sure wasn't the half-naked woman across the club, I also wasn't the one downing shots in the corner and throwing up, and I sure as hell wasn't the one twerking on the wall. Nonetheless, it proves that the lack of respect that was circulating the club seemed to make you think that I, for some reason, the woman fully clothed, fresh faced with minimal makeup, manners, a great vocabulary, would allow a nasty but yet handsome guy like yourself to do things only a man deserving should enjoy. I'm sorry that you thought your looks and one lines were enough to get me to go home with you. It's also sad to see that that shit actually works on some women. I don't blame you for being a pig, with low self-esteem, one who has to try and swoon women with one liners and a weak closer, for having the audacity to try and close on me. It's flattering.... Well no it wasn't... it was stupid. Good try though handsome, maybe next time.. with someone else.


Mr. Handsome, I also don't accept drinks from strange men. Especially one that I watched work the room and slip something in the drink at the bar before it was brought over to me. Did you really think I dropped that drink on accident? I also notified security of your actions, which is why you were escorted out and arrested. It's a shame, some people don't people watch, don't watch their own drinks, and the amount of women that accept a drink from a stranger, without question, is amazing.  My dad taught me well sir, I will always walk with you to the bar, even if you're a man or woman that I know. I also am very aware of my surroundings. I just wish that the girl in the corner of the bar was that aware. The one who was taken out by ambulance and an EMT had to stick his finger down her throat to keep her breathing. I don't know if that was you handsome, but whoever it was, is just as cowardly as you were.

By the way....
Your track record of assaults, attempted rape, rape and so on was disturbing but not surprising. How our system failed to lock you away prior is a question that needs to be answered. Oh, by the way the sentence that you received was well overdue, you're too handsome to be in prison, but you deserve it.

<3 Eb