Tuesday, June 30, 2015

3 Reasons Why You NEED GOD MONEY WAR

First off, can I just say that this album gave me so much life! From the word play, to the collabs, to the genius behind each song that was artistically crafted into masterpieces from number 1-14, it left me wanting more! So here are my personal reasons for why you need this album in your playlist. 

1. Like Los said in his interview with The Breakfast Club, he is speaking to the streets. Most artists glorify the streets and make it seem like its great! Los on the other hand, is speaking positive, wanting people to think, realize and make GOOD moves. 

2. This work of art reminds us why we love music.

3. Some times we come across those people who can spit rhymes all day and yell "bars" but none of them have lived what they speak or know anything about it. Los is real, pure, honest and a lyrical genius. 

Favorite Songs:
1. Confidence feat Chrishan The Prince
2. Black Blood feat. Isaiah Rashad & Kent Jamz
3. War feat. Marsha Ambrosius
4. Ghetto Boy