Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Just a Thought

I've always wondered when the roles have changed between some women and men. I speak on the level of emotions. Women are labeled to be the most emotional, but have you ever dealt with an emotional man? I'm not talking about the man who every now and again expresses himself, instead I'm talking about one who is overly sensitive. One who picks fights, or who sees negative in a situation that had no negativity in it.

I had this friend (say had because his emotions and guilt tripping is to much) and he picks fights over something that's not fight worthy. Before I used to care and want to dissect his emotions and get down to the issue, but I stopped caring. Even today an argument would've come about but instead I let it dry out. Why do certain people find the need to try and guilt trip? Is your life that sad, lonely, pathetic that you aim to make others feel as low as you? You claim to be busy, but why pick a fight? Isn't fighting exhausting for those who are truly busy? I mean, I'm really busy I certainly don't have time for it; then again unlike you I don't claim to be busy, I just let my work talk for me. After all by saying how busy you are, are you trying to convince me or yourself?

It's interesting when you watch, really listen and understand people. When I learned to listen in depth to someone, I heard a nagging tone, a desperate for attention when I want it tone, a look at me fly (when I can hardly crawl) type of bragging nature. At the end of it all, I was disgusted to know that I even allowed someone like that to be in my friend circle. You are who you hang out with, I think that's really true; who he is and hangs out with isn't something to be proud of.

So stop and smell the roses my busy friend,. Learn to just breathe and see the beauty in the world around you. All this negative shit and cranky attitudes never got anyone anywhere, it's exhausting!
Oh well, maybe you're to busy to appreciate what's happening around you..

Plenty of people are busy, you're not the only one. Just a thought....

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