Tuesday, April 28, 2015


When you go through so many trials in life, I can understand why someone might be a little timid to saying "yes". I've heard many people say "I just don't think it'll happen for me" whether it's about a relationship, a new job or relocating. Rejection is a bitch, and it's a mean one that damages anyone’s self-esteem if we hear it to many times. I know it's hard to see the light at the end of a dark tunnel. I know it's hard to have faith in something you can't see, hence why it's called faith. You have to trust and believe that no matter what, in any circumstance that you will conquer and you will make that challenge your bitch. When you doubt, and start to moan and groan about an outcome before you even tried to tackle it, odds are you won't come out on top. You didn't trust in yourself to make it happen and most importantly you blocked that blessing by casting your doubts on the outcome. 

It's okay to see a challenge that you deem impossible and say "yes, I can do it and I will succeed". It's okay to have faith in yourself and in God that you will come out on top. It's okay to try, what is success without failure? So stop saying no to yourself, and start saying yes. If you see something you want then go for it. If that first, second or 100th door closes on you, it's because you weren't dreaming big enough and God has something spectacular waiting for you. It's okay to dream, and it's okay to dream big, and most importantly it's okay to fail. Failing doesn't mean that you're a failure, it just means you had the courage to try, giving up means that you're a failure. 

Trust and believe, "may he grant your hearts desires and make all your plans succeed" Psalm 20:4.

<3 Eb 

Monday, April 27, 2015

Los Angeles

My time in LA was the perfect! It was only for five days, however the amount of knowledge received was amazing. Not only did I learn a lot from private meetings, but also at the AllAccess World Wide Radio Summit. Instead of boring you with the details, I'll show you some great highlights


I stayed at a Japanese Hotel. From the lobby, to the restaurant attached and the decor outside it was beautiful and peaceful. 


I went out the first night to the Dirty Bull. Met great people and a new group of friends who are all actors and actresses. Participated in a karaoke sing off  and got a rose, one that I left at the bar... 

I was a tourist and took pics of LA and the Hollywood sign 

I even wanted to do the cheesy pose

To kick off the opening  night of the conference, we had a cocktail party and some great performances. I met Andy Grammer,  who's handsome and hilarious! 

A bond between ladies was formed by... Red nail polish! Pretty cool that it was with "Too Cool to Dance" singer Eden Xo

I watched Eden Xo perform and her style, energy, talent and beauty was loved by everyone in the room. 

Besides for being down right amazing, I get the oppurtunity to do an interview with her! 

To wrap up the night, five ladies who I've watched on Xfactor closed it out! Fifth Harmony was no disappointment 

Of course, I'm all about staying on top of things, so I made time for me school work to keep my GPA up :) 

Our luncheons were entertaining! First day was a band from Switzerland called "Undiscovered Soul" 

Then the last day we were entertained by Ingrid Michealson (sorry for the blur, that guy wouldn't sit down) 

Last night of the conference we had a great performance from Cece Frey and Antonique Smith 

I remember watching Cece Frey on X-Factor! It's good to see she's still at it!

Now this woman right here!! Antonique Smith SINGS TO MY SOUL! And she was great playing Faith Evans in the Biggie movie :) 

I took a pic with Eddie Murphy 
Okay.. it was his star

Oh and I got my hair cut 

This still exist.... 

Walked through one of their malls
Got some aamazing cupcakes (can't wait to work this off) 

Went to Republic of Pies and listened to Mackenzi Haymen 

Lastly, I made some great connections and met some fabulous people. Love the network I have built from LA. I met plenty of amazing people but only a handful really touched my spirit. 

Monday, April 20, 2015

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Just a Thought

I've always wondered when the roles have changed between some women and men. I speak on the level of emotions. Women are labeled to be the most emotional, but have you ever dealt with an emotional man? I'm not talking about the man who every now and again expresses himself, instead I'm talking about one who is overly sensitive. One who picks fights, or who sees negative in a situation that had no negativity in it.

I had this friend (say had because his emotions and guilt tripping is to much) and he picks fights over something that's not fight worthy. Before I used to care and want to dissect his emotions and get down to the issue, but I stopped caring. Even today an argument would've come about but instead I let it dry out. Why do certain people find the need to try and guilt trip? Is your life that sad, lonely, pathetic that you aim to make others feel as low as you? You claim to be busy, but why pick a fight? Isn't fighting exhausting for those who are truly busy? I mean, I'm really busy I certainly don't have time for it; then again unlike you I don't claim to be busy, I just let my work talk for me. After all by saying how busy you are, are you trying to convince me or yourself?

It's interesting when you watch, really listen and understand people. When I learned to listen in depth to someone, I heard a nagging tone, a desperate for attention when I want it tone, a look at me fly (when I can hardly crawl) type of bragging nature. At the end of it all, I was disgusted to know that I even allowed someone like that to be in my friend circle. You are who you hang out with, I think that's really true; who he is and hangs out with isn't something to be proud of.

So stop and smell the roses my busy friend,. Learn to just breathe and see the beauty in the world around you. All this negative shit and cranky attitudes never got anyone anywhere, it's exhausting!
Oh well, maybe you're to busy to appreciate what's happening around you..

Plenty of people are busy, you're not the only one. Just a thought....

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Tuesday, April 7, 2015