Monday, March 23, 2015

POEM: Brain Activity

The brain works in mysterious ways... some say
Well.. on one hand... maybe it can be said to..
No wait that's just maybe me too
Anywho... the way the brain works is so complex its beautiful
the distress.. the negative thoughts that are so beautifully crafted
in a way that makes me want to pull my hair out
because at the end of the day... its nothing but
bullshit... yeah i like bullshit better

where int he HELL am I going with this??

the more complex the more beautiful something is..someone is
who wants someone so easy? who would want anything easy?
tricks... turn tricks.. make tricks happen
slice it,..straight down the middle because maybe if the sides are even it makes sense
or maybe if you cut something it'll all make sense??
what happens after the cut? after that desire is filled and both sides are even?
are you now satisfied? or are you just looking for the next thing to satisfy your
being...nature....breath...breath that you breathe just makes me sick
but according to my brain

you breathing is beautiful...
yeah... i still can't grasp it.

fucking brain activity...

Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved by Ebony Williams

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