Tuesday, March 17, 2015

MESSAGE: How Deep Does it Go?

I listen, watch these interviews and just watch people in general. The claim of loving hip hop, of loving music isn't fully understood to most people. Hip hop isn't just music, it's not just a beat while someone spits. Hip hop is a lifestyle, it's life it's the way people live and have lived! It's a poetic twist on telling stories. Real hip hop isn't just about these "bitches" shaking their ass, it's not about the chains or stacks you have. It's about your life, what you've been through, where you're going what makes you keep living. I don't get to caught up in the fluff of what people categorize hip hop in. I don't care about certain artists and their music because it's easy to smell the bullshit. Instead I wonder what people are thinking when they look at some of these mainstream artists and think "yes she or he is hip hop".... Why? Because their sound is mimicking? Because their style that has been carefully crafted together by a style team resembles artists from the late 80s to early 90s? Don't get sidetracked by what they look like instead listen to what they are saying.

When you start to understand the artist, know their background, and  listen to the words and creativity of their spirit and brilliance of their mind; you'll know the difference between hip hop and fluff. I love watching and listening to interviews of  Method Man, Kendrick, Jay-Z, Big Sean, Nas, Rah Digga, Eve, McLyte, 2Pac, Biggie, and so on because they speak real, not just street but also education. Nothing is more attractive then hip hop with education; and that's what's missing. When people say hip hop is dead, to me I say it's dead to an extent because there's no education, there's no truth, there's no reality, instead it's replaced by a team of stylists, writers, and image consultants. Now I'm not saying all new age hip hop is this way, but honestly a majority of it is.

So when I hear someone say man I love hip hop, I always ask what about it do you love? How deep does it go for you? Is it as deep as to whats publicized? Or is it deeper than that?

#nowplaying Mortal Man

<3 Eb