Friday, March 20, 2015

POEM: Don't Mind......

Piercing eyes just go straight to my soul
hearing.. listening to my heart beat
oh how I love the way you beat...........

when you get closer my blood rushes through my veins
the look you give me puts me in this trance
this trance and thought... my thoughts are discombobulated
my trance is now broken
when we reach that climax....

and my heart... my heart just beats so fast
i feel like i'm gonna have a heart attack
the way you kiss my forehead and make me laugh
the way you kiss my shoulders and rub my back
the way you strum those chords
while you make me scale various chords
the way you say hi

high as a kite
sounds cliche right?
but yet that's what comes to mind
cheesy cliches
and disgusting romantic comedies that fill my Netflix
wishing you were that man who ran to me in the rain
that guy who boarded plenty of planes
that guy who was listening in Seattle to that hotline
I want you to be that guy who's all mine

until that happens i'll just sit here and admire all that you do
the way you caress
the way you handle stress
the motivation you text me
the spirit that eludes from you when you're near me
the way you cook
and the aromas that fill the house
Oh how I love the way you feel when you fill my pu........

Persistent with your actions.... yeah that's what I meant....

I don't mind waiting for that

<3 Eb

Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved by Ebony Williams

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