Tuesday, March 24, 2015

MESSAGE: Thoughts of the Single Lady...

As I check my Facebook for my monthly message purging and men deletion, the amount of married men in my inbox is disappointingly disgusting. I know I touched on this before with a previous MESSAGE blog so sorry if parts of this sounds redundant. Corinna and I were talking like ALWAYS when the subject came up on "will men ever be happy?" will they ever be okay with just ONE person? Then I had to think, it's not just men, women also. Will anyone be happy with just one person for the rest of their life? I do think people can be all about one person, but I also think some cave under the pressure of what everyone else is doing, getting married, starting a family and so on. I've heard countless friends say "I did this to soon" or "I wasn't ready and I'm still not" or my favorite "Why didn't anyone tell me to wait?" Hell I know more people my age that are divorced then any other age!

Personally I'm single for many reasons, but the MAIN one is because I'm not done with my single selfish needs and desires! I believe that's where people mess up, they stop living and conform without the knowledge of knowing how to live while still being with someone else. I didn't know the difference, I wanted to please my boyfriend(s) so whatever they wanted, I was down for. After getting to know myself, I will move more, travel more, dance on table tops, go to a foreign country, backpack through Europe and do so many other things! Because that's what people in their 20s do, that's what people do before they get with someone. I want no regrets, I refuse to hold back and be complacent in this complicated beautiful world we live in. I refuse to hate someone because I didn't do what I wanted to do before we got serious. Granted it would be great to find someone to backpack through Europe with and travel across this country with (hell I know the perfect man for that :D and I know he's already down). I refuse to be like my friends and hate where I"m at, my friends tell me to just live and do me because that life is always going to be there.

People say "You're not getting any younger" hell family members are saying they want a baby from me! Even want to see me walk down the isle. WELL no shit Sherlock, I'm aware I'm getting older, and I LOVE the process, a baby isn't just for fun or an accessory neither is agreeing to spend the rest of your life with someone when you're not ready. When you rush, you mess up, when you push whats not meant to be will push back and throw you off track.I could careless about what other people are doing, what I do care about is what I' doing in the moment. I've spent many years not being in the moment, doing what an abusive obsessive boyfriend at the time wanted me to do. I'm not ashamed to do whatever my little heart desires, because happiness has to come from within. I know eventually I will meet that fantastic man, settle down, have kids and so on when it comes I wont fight it. I just know that the more I get to know myself, grow and fall in love with every little flaw, the more men come my way. It's like confidence is a big magnet...Hmm.. Very interesting.

It's not just the amount of married men and strangers in my inbox that sparked this conversation. It's also men that I know who are in a relationship. They call me way out of line and wonder why I don't answer the phone anymore, or respond to texts. I know you're girlfriend and the level of disrespect you do to her while trying to talk to me... doesn't make sense. Why would I EVER want to speak to a married man or one booed up? How I get you is how I'll lose you (See my blog MESSAGE: Not Your Entertainment).

SIDE NOTE I do want to say for those who are my age getting married, making babies and so on and you're contently happy I'm happy for you. Just stop trying to push that on me because I'm living, I'm loving, I'm having fun. If you're not happy, don't look for it in other people, look for it within yourself. There's nothing worse then being  in a relationship with a single mindset.

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<3 Eb

Monday, March 23, 2015

POEM: Brain Activity

The brain works in mysterious ways... some say
Well.. on one hand... maybe it can be said to..
No wait that's just confusing...you.. maybe me too
Anywho... the way the brain works is so complex its beautiful
the distress.. the negative thoughts that are so beautifully crafted
in a way that makes me want to pull my hair out
because at the end of the day... its nothing but
bullshit... yeah i like bullshit better

where int he HELL am I going with this??

the more complex the more beautiful something is..someone is
who wants someone so easy? who would want anything easy?
tricks... turn tricks.. make tricks happen
slice it,..straight down the middle because maybe if the sides are even it makes sense
or maybe if you cut something it'll all make sense??
what happens after the cut? after that desire is filled and both sides are even?
are you now satisfied? or are you just looking for the next thing to satisfy your
being...nature....breath...breath that you breathe just makes me sick
but according to my brain

you breathing is beautiful...
yeah... i still can't grasp it.

fucking brain activity...

Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved by Ebony Williams

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Friday, March 20, 2015

POEM: Don't Mind......

Piercing eyes just go straight to my soul
hearing.. listening to my heart beat
oh how I love the way you beat...........

when you get closer my blood rushes through my veins
the look you give me puts me in this trance
this trance and thought... my thoughts are discombobulated
my trance is now broken
when we reach that climax....

and my heart... my heart just beats so fast
i feel like i'm gonna have a heart attack
the way you kiss my forehead and make me laugh
the way you kiss my shoulders and rub my back
the way you strum those chords
while you make me scale various chords
the way you say hi

high as a kite
sounds cliche right?
but yet that's what comes to mind
cheesy cliches
and disgusting romantic comedies that fill my Netflix
wishing you were that man who ran to me in the rain
that guy who boarded plenty of planes
that guy who was listening in Seattle to that hotline
I want you to be that guy who's all mine

until that happens i'll just sit here and admire all that you do
the way you caress
the way you handle stress
the motivation you text me
the spirit that eludes from you when you're near me
the way you cook
and the aromas that fill the house
Oh how I love the way you feel when you fill my pu........

Persistent with your actions.... yeah that's what I meant....

I don't mind waiting for that

<3 Eb

Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved by Ebony Williams

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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

MESSAGE: How Deep Does it Go?

I listen, watch these interviews and just watch people in general. The claim of loving hip hop, of loving music isn't fully understood to most people. Hip hop isn't just music, it's not just a beat while someone spits. Hip hop is a lifestyle, it's life it's the way people live and have lived! It's a poetic twist on telling stories. Real hip hop isn't just about these "bitches" shaking their ass, it's not about the chains or stacks you have. It's about your life, what you've been through, where you're going what makes you keep living. I don't get to caught up in the fluff of what people categorize hip hop in. I don't care about certain artists and their music because it's easy to smell the bullshit. Instead I wonder what people are thinking when they look at some of these mainstream artists and think "yes she or he is hip hop".... Why? Because their sound is mimicking? Because their style that has been carefully crafted together by a style team resembles artists from the late 80s to early 90s? Don't get sidetracked by what they look like instead listen to what they are saying.

When you start to understand the artist, know their background, and  listen to the words and creativity of their spirit and brilliance of their mind; you'll know the difference between hip hop and fluff. I love watching and listening to interviews of  Method Man, Kendrick, Jay-Z, Big Sean, Nas, Rah Digga, Eve, McLyte, 2Pac, Biggie, and so on because they speak real, not just street but also education. Nothing is more attractive then hip hop with education; and that's what's missing. When people say hip hop is dead, to me I say it's dead to an extent because there's no education, there's no truth, there's no reality, instead it's replaced by a team of stylists, writers, and image consultants. Now I'm not saying all new age hip hop is this way, but honestly a majority of it is.

So when I hear someone say man I love hip hop, I always ask what about it do you love? How deep does it go for you? Is it as deep as to whats publicized? Or is it deeper than that?

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<3 Eb

Monday, March 16, 2015

3 Reasons Why You NEED: To Pimp a Butterfly by Kendrick Lamar

1. I'm a sucker for beats and musicality SO with that said the instruments used in this  jazz meets hiphop vibe is pure genius! Perfect mix of old school vibe and new age spit creates a ridiculous concotion of brilliance!

2. Lyrics, lyrics lyrics! Lol man it's amazing. He takes you to a place when music used to be appreciated. Not just the artist but the instruments the words the vibes it's all present from track 1-17. You can't help but nod along to each song. 

3  It's f***ing Kendrick Lamar.... 

I just love him in all that he does creatively. He helps give me life with his play with words. Writers block? Need a creative push? Don't want to be caught slippin? Turn to this album.... Trust me.

Personal favs :

Mortal Man! - 2pac is that you??? <3 it

I - because I love myself as he says perfect anthem 

The Blacker the Berry- straight power

New Music Video: Rae Sremmurd ft Nicki Minaj and Young Thug- Throw Sum Mo

Friday, March 13, 2015

How to Ask a Guy Out!

So I got a call for advice on how to ask a guy out! Keeping my listener anonymous, i decided to make this my topic for my entire show! Listeners, texts, my fellow co workers all chimed in, take a listen ;)

Restored My Faith in Humanity

Damon Dash on Breakfast Club

So damn hostile lol well then.....