Monday, February 16, 2015

POEM: Sugar

Your words are like sugar to me 
I'm diabetic in our love so it's slowly killing me 
You're like that cup cake on cheat day so appetizing and sweet 
Even though it hurts this love feels good to me 
They say we want what we can't have 
Well I thirst, I seek, I gasp, I grab 
For your attention for the day that we click 
For that time that we talk 
I know it's time well spent 
But yet I'm lead on like a deer to the lights
So innocent and yet I'm wounded
Like a gazelle in a lions den 
I let my pen 
On my paper 
The words of my heart are like miles apart from what I'm trying to say 
So confusing 
Left in disarray 
Like the alphabet spoken backwards 
But it's forward I want to go with you
Automatic but we're in manual 
Shifting at every downfall 
Just so you know I'm down if you fall 

By: Ebony Williams

Copyright 2014 All Rights Reserved by Ebony Williams