Friday, February 6, 2015

Poem: Cherish


She sits and waits as her prince comes in and takes
He yells and kicks, screams like there's no one around
She sits and takes it, holding back emotions and her frown
Her heart beats for him, but it's slowly starting to stop

One day he comes home
She's tired, worked a lot
He sees no dinner and starts a commotion
"you lazy woman, where's my food?"
He yells at the top of his lungs
hand in the air and face all crunched up.

"I'm sorry" she replied "I lost track of time"
Little did he know she was working both jobs
and just wanted to be home.
Her back was weak, her wrists didn't bend with ease
her makeup was non existent an her body grew fragile and skin pale

He lives in disbelief
his world is his
having an affair with a much younger mistress
forgetting about home and traveling else where
his new found love had so much life and love to spear!

He does not noticed because he's stuck in his own zone
He does not see that his queen, his wife, his lady is slowly perishing
He does not notice that she lost 20lbs
He does not see the pain in her face when taking each step day by day

Instead he sees a dirty house
Laundry not done
Dinner uncooked
Dishes left in the sink
and a wife that's sleeping

Shes been beat down
by the man she loves
Yet while fragile and weak her spine is strong enough to carry it all

The next day the man comes home
Sees the same thing as before
He slams down his suitcase and walks up the stairs
he noticed his wife's fragile body and thinning hair
Instead of checking on her he begins to yell
Throws a chair and papers in the air
Pulls off the covers and hits her with a pillow

Storming out the room and down the stairs
5 minutes pass the time
No wife rushing to his aide?
Dinner still not made?
He stomps up the stairs and yells "WOMAN GET THE HELL UP!"
No response no movement at all

He walks to her side and sits on the bed
places his hand on her head
Feels the coldness of her body
the weakness of her breath
He took time to calm down and notice he was in a room full of death

He began to cry in disbelief
he noticed she was holding a letter tight and close to her chest
Taking it away and opening it up slowly he began to read

"My dearest love of all, 
you don't notice me and failed at many things 
I never doubted you or made you feel less of a man. 
I held you high when others told me to let you fall. 
I placed you so close and dear to my heart.
 The day we said I DO I took my vows serious. 
Now I know I was more serious than you. 
After finding lipstick on shirts, and cuff links missing, 
after following you one day to the Marriott and your rescheduled meetings.
 I knew what you were doing, but I thought you would be man enough
 to tell me. Instead you infected me, hurt me and killed me. 
If you bothered to speak to me, you would know I've been 
diagnosed with AIDS. Thanks to you and your mistress 
you two can now live in peace. No more headaches for you 
and no more pain for me

-Love the ever so faithful "

Copyright 2014 All Rights Reserved by Ebony Williams