Thursday, February 26, 2015


It's enviable for people to be drawn to you when things are going great, but what about when things aren't so great? Where do they go? People pick and choose when they want to speak to you. I recently received a text from a "friend" she was drinking, and not to mention I hardly hear from her, since that text she hasn't had the desire to text me or call me.  BUT then I found myself falling into old habits of starting and trying to continue a conversation. I'm used to people pulling me out of their back pocket when they have a hint of loneliness and after I satisfy that need of communication there's no need or want on their part to continue conversation.

I've talked to many women and listen to their pain, also men who are just frustrated and need to vent. It hurts my heart to see and hear the amount of people who get walked on, people who are good of heart and mind are the ones who get hurt, men and women. So I write this today because of the heavy amount of messages I'm receiving I want you to look at the pattern and look at the common denominator. If it's you, than look in the mirror, and decided right then that it's time to love yourself and be there for you more than you are for others. Lets face it, people can't hurt you if you don't give them that power.

For people like me trying to take care of yourself first doesn't come naturally. For some reason it's a struggle and it seems like a hard task to conquer. What I can tell you is that when you defeat that battle, things will get a lot easier. You'll attract friends and the opposite sex who look at you with respect and purpose. Things will shift when you decide that you want them to, and you're willing to change it.

I love receiving messages, emails etc and my answers are all based on personal experiences mixed with research from  amazing elders and mentors that I have in my life. Then I carefully calculate my response and give you an honest to God heartfelt answer. Know that you are amazing and your worth having as a friend, receiving a GREAT friend and experiencing love in all ways.