Wednesday, February 4, 2015

MESSAGE: Not Your Entertainment

Funny title seeing how technically I am your entertainment. I'm a writer, a radio personality and soon to be the face of a great YouTube channel. So why would I say I'm not your entertainment?  You know that winter is almost over when people start to become single. So far I've had seven guys in the span on one week, 19 in two and a half weeks in my inbox seeing "whats new" and "we need to catch up?" I've replied with "I'm guessing your single and I'm not down to be your entertainment". Feel free to read my books, listen to my radio shows, watch my channel but what wont go down is you using me until you find someone else. That's not how I work, how can you try to reach for someone on your bench who isn't even sitting on it?

One guy said "Well me and my lady are on a break. I respect her so cant talk to you when we are together because I don't want her to worry about you and me" That made me laugh i replied "how can she worry when you aren't even someone I would look for, we have never dated, kissed, held hands or hugged? and you don't even have  a chance with me? So why would that be an issue? And it's what you do while you're on the break that matters. THAT'S what she's going to be looking into. So why talk to me now and not during the relationship? That is something she will ask.If you respected her like you said while ya'll are together than do the same while y'all are on a break." he has continuously tried to hit me up, crept in my DMs but I ignored and blocked him.

Another said "you're always full of encouragement, I don't know what I was thinking...." I replied "God is the source for that seek him. God bless"

See I'm not your entertainment when you're lonely. You don't even have my number so how are we friends? Keep creeping into someones DM I'm sure another lady will feel sorry for you, cuddle you, sex you until you're healed. That lady however isn't me.

On another note, the amount of men who have wives that I'm friends with on Facebook (but don't know personally) who are in my DMs are disgusting. You have a family! You're supposedly in love with this woman, and yet you're trolling on social media? Stay out my inbox or I will send her these messages that you have so persistently sent my way. One guy didn't listen and his lady received a nice snapshot with his nasty advances, suggestions and dick pictures. I never replied to him as a matter of fact this guy wasn't even on my friends list! To make things worse this man was a rapist who later got popped by the police and is serving heavy prison time. Strangely enough his ex wife is a fan of my writing works for Lovett Publishing and this blog, she has remarried and said she is "extremely happily blessed".

I guess because I'm single some men think I have no options. I'm single because that's what I want, not because I can't get a man lol. So feel free to be entertained by my writings, videos and radio shows, but jump off a cliff if you're committed to someone  and want anything more than that.

<3 Ebony