Wednesday, February 11, 2015

MESSAGE: My Own Responsibility

"Man I need to get on this"...."yeah I'm gonna do somethin about it soon". " i was thinking about starting this but i don't know-" Reason swhy I don't read a lot of messages on Facebook is because 1. thirsty gross men or 2. they're usually full of stuff from people  who want to pry into my life and see "what's new" and then complain about theirs. For one I'm not going to share more with you verses anyone else because you're talking to me on social media, you don't even have my number that should say something on its own. All I can say is STOP saying what you're going to do, and actually do it. Stop waiting, stop complaining, stop talking about it and put some action behind it. Don't ask me what's new, get salty because I'm moving forward and you're left behind, what you do is not my responsibility.I'm only responsible for myself. You can either join the movement and make everything you wish come true or you can be like many and sit back on your coulda shoulds wouldas. STOP asking me to put you on, that's not how life works, it's not how it worked for me and I sure as hell wont let a lazy person piggyback off of my blood, sweat and tears. Life isn't easy we all know that BUT life is WHAT YOU make it.

What I will do is give advice and encourage you. What I wont do is put in a good word for a person with a horrible worth ethic and attitude. What I wont do is agree with you when you're obviously wrong. What I won't do is the work for you, I won't Google something and do research on a project that interests you. If you can have the time to ask me what to do, you can Google it and read what to do from professional sources. What I noticed with certain people is that they don't want to read. The desire to figure something out and work towards it is dead and gone. So tell me then how is that a dream? How is that something that you want when you don't know the basic steps?They want it NOW , they want it EASY sorry babe, it doesn't work like that There's a different satisfaction you'll get, many lessons to be leaned while you find your own journey, don't look at mine and try to mimic you will fail, GOD created my path for my feet only not yours, seek him and find your own.

It's also hard for me to listen to people complain about being tired. Everyone is tired but may people push to make things work. Parents are a Huge example they put in work, no excuses and make shit happen for their children every day. If you don't have kids, put in work for your projects treat them like they are your children! I know plenty of men and women who struggle but wont stop and I admire them because they never say "i'm tired" they say "it has to get done". Then when people say it's impossible, I don't have enough time in the day, I tell them what I do in one day and their brains are on overload they don't understand how I do that and I'm still smiling. Then I tell them I know people who do  what I do but with a child, and they don't complain, so how dare I? Whenever I get frustrated or want to give up, I remember the then I pray for strength and I"m renewed to go!

Feel free to be upset because I'm not willing to add another project to my plate aka helping you when you don't want to help yourself. I don't cater to lazy, rude, oblivious and ratchet people.  I'm responsible for ME and what I'm doing; I'm not responsible for your life that's up to you.

So STOP... and put some action behind your words.

<3 Eb