Thursday, February 26, 2015


It's enviable for people to be drawn to you when things are going great, but what about when things aren't so great? Where do they go? People pick and choose when they want to speak to you. I recently received a text from a "friend" she was drinking, and not to mention I hardly hear from her, since that text she hasn't had the desire to text me or call me.  BUT then I found myself falling into old habits of starting and trying to continue a conversation. I'm used to people pulling me out of their back pocket when they have a hint of loneliness and after I satisfy that need of communication there's no need or want on their part to continue conversation.

I've talked to many women and listen to their pain, also men who are just frustrated and need to vent. It hurts my heart to see and hear the amount of people who get walked on, people who are good of heart and mind are the ones who get hurt, men and women. So I write this today because of the heavy amount of messages I'm receiving I want you to look at the pattern and look at the common denominator. If it's you, than look in the mirror, and decided right then that it's time to love yourself and be there for you more than you are for others. Lets face it, people can't hurt you if you don't give them that power.

For people like me trying to take care of yourself first doesn't come naturally. For some reason it's a struggle and it seems like a hard task to conquer. What I can tell you is that when you defeat that battle, things will get a lot easier. You'll attract friends and the opposite sex who look at you with respect and purpose. Things will shift when you decide that you want them to, and you're willing to change it.

I love receiving messages, emails etc and my answers are all based on personal experiences mixed with research from  amazing elders and mentors that I have in my life. Then I carefully calculate my response and give you an honest to God heartfelt answer. Know that you are amazing and your worth having as a friend, receiving a GREAT friend and experiencing love in all ways.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

3 Reasons Why You Need Big Seans Dark Paradise Album

1. He takes you on a lyrical journey from personal experiences mixed with killer beats makes it real and raw
2. The collabs are amazing! Kanye sounds like his old self, Lil Wayne, Drake, Chris Brown, Jhene Aiko and more BROUGHT their A GAME!
3. Big Sean is slept on in this game (No idea why) like Weezy said he doesn't get the proper love. this album  shows us where he stands.

Fave Songs:  I Don't Fuck With You,  Play No Games feat Chris Brown, I Know feat Jhene Aiko and One Man Can Change the World

Friday, February 20, 2015

Kanye on Breakfast Club

- He had to take 30 showers after dating Amber Rose in order to be with Kim
- Admits Beck album is pretty damn good 
- In the studio with Taylor Swift and more 

Monday, February 16, 2015

POEM: Sugar

Your words are like sugar to me 
I'm diabetic in our love so it's slowly killing me 
You're like that cup cake on cheat day so appetizing and sweet 
Even though it hurts this love feels good to me 
They say we want what we can't have 
Well I thirst, I seek, I gasp, I grab 
For your attention for the day that we click 
For that time that we talk 
I know it's time well spent 
But yet I'm lead on like a deer to the lights
So innocent and yet I'm wounded
Like a gazelle in a lions den 
I let my pen 
On my paper 
The words of my heart are like miles apart from what I'm trying to say 
So confusing 
Left in disarray 
Like the alphabet spoken backwards 
But it's forward I want to go with you
Automatic but we're in manual 
Shifting at every downfall 
Just so you know I'm down if you fall 

By: Ebony Williams

Copyright 2014 All Rights Reserved by Ebony Williams 

Untouched Cindy Crawford

In a world full of superficial beauty, it's refreshing to see some untouched photos. One took the internet by storm over the weekend which included the fabulous Cindy Crawford. It was far from perfect, some praised the picture while others were rude and nasty with the comments. Check it out below and tell me what you think? I praise the pic and still think she looks amazing.  

Thursday, February 12, 2015

3rd Book Cover

TADA! So excited stay tuned for more details about the book :)

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

MESSAGE: My Own Responsibility

"Man I need to get on this"...."yeah I'm gonna do somethin about it soon". " i was thinking about starting this but i don't know-" Reason swhy I don't read a lot of messages on Facebook is because 1. thirsty gross men or 2. they're usually full of stuff from people  who want to pry into my life and see "what's new" and then complain about theirs. For one I'm not going to share more with you verses anyone else because you're talking to me on social media, you don't even have my number that should say something on its own. All I can say is STOP saying what you're going to do, and actually do it. Stop waiting, stop complaining, stop talking about it and put some action behind it. Don't ask me what's new, get salty because I'm moving forward and you're left behind, what you do is not my responsibility.I'm only responsible for myself. You can either join the movement and make everything you wish come true or you can be like many and sit back on your coulda shoulds wouldas. STOP asking me to put you on, that's not how life works, it's not how it worked for me and I sure as hell wont let a lazy person piggyback off of my blood, sweat and tears. Life isn't easy we all know that BUT life is WHAT YOU make it.

What I will do is give advice and encourage you. What I wont do is put in a good word for a person with a horrible worth ethic and attitude. What I wont do is agree with you when you're obviously wrong. What I won't do is the work for you, I won't Google something and do research on a project that interests you. If you can have the time to ask me what to do, you can Google it and read what to do from professional sources. What I noticed with certain people is that they don't want to read. The desire to figure something out and work towards it is dead and gone. So tell me then how is that a dream? How is that something that you want when you don't know the basic steps?They want it NOW , they want it EASY sorry babe, it doesn't work like that There's a different satisfaction you'll get, many lessons to be leaned while you find your own journey, don't look at mine and try to mimic you will fail, GOD created my path for my feet only not yours, seek him and find your own.

It's also hard for me to listen to people complain about being tired. Everyone is tired but may people push to make things work. Parents are a Huge example they put in work, no excuses and make shit happen for their children every day. If you don't have kids, put in work for your projects treat them like they are your children! I know plenty of men and women who struggle but wont stop and I admire them because they never say "i'm tired" they say "it has to get done". Then when people say it's impossible, I don't have enough time in the day, I tell them what I do in one day and their brains are on overload they don't understand how I do that and I'm still smiling. Then I tell them I know people who do  what I do but with a child, and they don't complain, so how dare I? Whenever I get frustrated or want to give up, I remember the then I pray for strength and I"m renewed to go!

Feel free to be upset because I'm not willing to add another project to my plate aka helping you when you don't want to help yourself. I don't cater to lazy, rude, oblivious and ratchet people.  I'm responsible for ME and what I'm doing; I'm not responsible for your life that's up to you.

So STOP... and put some action behind your words.

<3 Eb

Monday, February 9, 2015

Recap of the Grammys 2015

So I loved last nights Grammys!!!  If you missed it, here's a recap of the show :)

ACDC opened the show and it was AMAZING!
grammys 2015 animated GIF

Taylor dancing 
Yea, we do have more taylorswift dancing...

Tom Jones and Jessie J were amazing together 
The Daily Dot

Best performance goes to Hozier and Annie Lennox! AMAZING!
Grammys 2015: Hozier & Annie Lennox Mashup 'Take Me to Church/I Put a Spell on You'

Miranda Lambert told us why we can't ride her red wagon 
The Daily Dot

Dispite what people say I loved Kanye performing Only One 

She was a dancer in her former life

Queen Madonna showed us she still gots it! 

Kanye almost gave me a heartattack 

Even Jay Z was like " NO NO NO!!!!"
Pharelle gave us many versions of happy 
The Daily Dot

Here she is again...
T-Swift & Co. dance it out to Madonn...

The Pres stopped by to shine notice on domestic violence and rape The Daily Dot
then Katy Perry sang her ass off 
Who wore it best?

Lady Gaga loves her some Tony Bennet 
Cheek to cheek

Usher sang for Mr Wonder 
Usher getting soulful

Riri is fierce and gives us many faces while perfoming with Paul McCartney and Kanye
The Daily Dot
The Daily Dot

First of all this guy was a BIG WINNER! YAY Sam Smith 
Song of the Year - Sam Smith

Kirsten Wig can dance??

Mixed emotions for Queen B, mainly because Ledisi was there so why was Beyonce singing her song?? Confusion? I wasn't to happy, nonetheless she did great 
 The Daily Dot

My boo Common did his thing with John Legend ending the show 
The Daily Dot

Best dressed for me goes to three ladies
Getty Images

List of Winners: 
Album of the Year
Beck, Morning Phase -- WINNER

Beyonce, Beyonce

Ed Sheeran, x

Sam Smith, In the Lonely Hour

Pharrell Williams, Girl

Best New Artist

Sam Smith -- WINNER

Best R&B Performance
"Drunk In Love," Beyoncé ft. Jay Z -- WINNER

"New Flame," Chris Brown ft. Usher & Rick Ross

"It's Your World," Jennifer Hudson ft. R. Kelly 

"Like This," Ledisi 

"Good Kisser," Usher

Best Rock Album
Ryan AdamsRyan Adams

Morning PhaseBeck -- WINNER

Turn BlueThe Black Keys

Songs of InnocenceU2

Best Pop Solo Performance
"All of Me," John Legend

"Chandelier," Sia

"Stay With Me," Sam Smith

"Shake It Off," Taylor Swift

"Happy," Pharrell Williams -- WINNER

Best Country Album

The Outsiders, Eric Church

The Way I'm Livin'Lee Ann Womack

12 Stories, Brandy Clark

PlatinumMiranda Lambert -- WINNER

Best Pop Vocal Album
Ghost Stories, Coldplay

Bangerz, Miley Cyrus

My Everything, Ariana Grande

Prism, Katy Perry

x, Ed Sheeran

In the Lonely Hour, Sam Smith -- WINNER

Record of the Year
"Fancy," Iggy Azalea ft. Charli XCX

"Chandelier," Sia

"Stay With Me (Darkchild Version)," Sam Smith -- WINNER

"Shake It Off," Taylor Swift

"All About That Bass," Meghan Trainor

Song of the Year
"Chandelier," Sia

"All About That Bass," Meghan Trainor

"Shake It Off," Taylor Swift

"Stay With Me (Darkchild Version)," Sam Smith -- WINNER

"Take Me to Church," Hozier

Best Rap Album
The New Classic, Iggy Azalea 

Because the InternetChildish Gambino 

Nobody's SmilingCommon 

The Marshall Mathers LP2Eminem -- WINNER

OxymoronScHoolboy Q 

Blacc HollywoodWiz Khalifa

Best Pop Duo/Group Performance
"Fancy," Iggy Azalea ft. Charli XCX

"A Sky Full of Stars," Coldplay 

"Say Something," A Great Big World ft. Christina Aguilera -- WINNER

"Bang Bang," Ariana GrandeJessie J & Nicki Minaj 

"Dark Horse," Katy Perry ft. Juicy J

Best Rap Performance
"3005," Childish Gambino 

"0 to 100/The Catch Up," Drake 

"Rap God," Eminem 

"i," Kendrick Lamar -- WINNER

"All I Need Is You," Lecrae

Best Alternative Music Album
This Is All Yours, alt-J

ReflektorArcade Fire

Melophobia, Cage the Elephant

St. Vincent, St. Vincent -- WINNER

LazarettoJack White

Best Rock Song
"Ain't It Fun," Paramore -- WINNER

"Blue Moon," Beck

"Fever," The Black Keys

"Gimme Something Good," Ryan Adams

"Lazaretto," Jack White

Best Rap/Sung Collaboration
"Blak Majik," Common ft. Jhené Aiko 

"The Monster," Eminem ft. Rihanna -- WINNER

"Tuesday," I Love Makonnen ft. Drake 

"Studio," ScHoolboy Q ft. BJ The Chicago Kid 

"Bound 2," Kanye West & Charlie Wilson  

Best Rap Song
"Anaconda," Nicki Minaj 

"Bound 2," Kanye West & Charlie Wilson

"i," Kendrick Lamar -- WINNER

"We Dem Boyz," Wiz Khalifa

"0 to 100/The Catch Up," Drake

Best Country Song
"American Kids," Kenny Chesney 

"Automatic," Miranda Lambert 

"Give Me Back My Hometown," Eric Church 

"I'm Not Gonna Miss You," Glen Campbell -- WINNER

"Meanwhile Back at Mama's," Tim McGraw ft. Faith Hill

Best Country Duo/Group Performance
"Gentle On My Mind," The Band Perry -- WINNER

"Somethin' Bad," Miranda Lambert with Carrie Underwood 

"Day Drinking," Little Big Town 

"Meanwhile Back At Mama's," Tim McGraw ft. Faith Hill 

"Raise 'Em Up," Keith Urban ft. Eric Church 

Best Country Solo Performance
"Give Me Me Back My Hometown," Eric Church 

"Invisible," Hunter Hayes 

"Automatic," Miranda Lambert 

"Something In the Water," Carrie Underwood -- WINNER

"Cop Car," Keith Urban

Best Urban Contemporary Album
Sail Out, Jhene Aiko

Beyonce, Beyonce

Mali Is, Mali Music

G I R L, Pharrell Williams -- WINNER

Best Dance/Electronic Album 
Syro, Aphex Twin -- WINNER

While (1, Deadmaus

Nabuma Rubberband, Little Dragon

Do It Again, Röyksopp & Robyn

Damage Control, Mat Zo

Best Dance Recording
"Never Say Never," Basement Jaxx

"Rather Be," Clean Bandit ft. Jess Glynne -- WINNER

"F for You," Disclosure ft. Mary J. Blige 

"I Got U," Duke Dumont ft. Jax Jones 

"Faded," Zhu

Best Latin Pop Album
Tangos, Ruben Blades  -- WINNER

Elypse, Camila 

RaizLila DownsNiña Pastori & Soledad Pastorutti 

Loco de AmorJuanes 

Gracias Por Estar Aqui, Marco Antonio Solis

Best Compilation Soundtrack for Visual Media
American Hustle 

Guardians of the Galaxy

Frozen -- WINNER

Get On Up: The James Brown Story 

The Wolf of Wall Street

Best Music Video
"We Exist," Arcade Fire 

"Turn Down for What," DJ Snake & Lil Jon 

"Chandelier," Sia 

"Happy," Pharrell Williams -- WINNER

"The Golden Age," Woodkid ft. Max Richter

Best Music Film
Beyoncé & Jay Z: On The Run Tour, Beyoncé & Jay Z 

Ghost Stories, Coldplay 

20 Feet From Stardom, Darlene Love, Merry Clayton, Lisa Fischer & Judith Hill -- WINNER

Metallica: Through The Never, Metallica 

The Truth About Love Tour: Live From MelbournePink

Best Reggae Album
Fly Rasta, Ziggy Marley -- WINNER

Back on the ControlsLee "Scratch" Perry

Full Frequency, Sean Paul

Out of Many, One Music, Shaggy

The Reggae Power, Sly & Robbie & Spicy Chocolate, 

Amid the Noise and the Haste, Soja

Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album
Cheek to Cheek, Lady Gaga & Tony Bennett -- WINNER 

Sending You a Little ChristmasJohnny Mathis 

Nostalgia, Annie Lennox 

PartnersBarbra Streisand 

Night SongsBarry Manilow

Best Americana Album
The River & The ThreadRosanne Cash -- WINNER

Terms of My Surrener, John Hiatt

BluesamericanaKeb' Mo'

A Dotted Line, Nickel Creek

Metamodern Sounds in Country Music, Sturgill Simpson

Best Spoken Word Album
Actors Anonymous, James Franco 

A Call to Action, Jimmy Carter 

Carsick: John Waters Hitchhikes Across America, John Waters 

A Fighting Chance, Elizabeth Warren 

Diary of a Mad Diva, Joan Rivers -- WINNER

We Will Survive: True Stories of Encouragement, Inspiration and the Power of Song, Gloria Gaynor
Best Gospel Album
Help, Erica Campbell -- WINNER

Withholding Nothing: LiveWilliam McDowell 

Forever Yours, Smokie Norful 

Vintage Worship, Anita Wilson

Best Rock Performance
"Gimme Something Good," Ryan Adams 

"Do I Wanna Know?", Arctic Monkeys 

"Blue Moon," Beck 

"Fever," The Black Keys 

"Lazaretto," Jack White -- WINNER

Best Metal Performance
"Neon Knights," Anthrax

"High Road," Mastodon

"Heartbreaker," Motörhead 

"The Negative One," Slipknot

"The Last In Line," Tenacious D -- WINNER

Best R&B Song
"Drunk In Love," Beyonce ft. Jay Z -- WINNER

"Good Kisser," Usher

"New Flame," Chris Brown ft. Usher & Rick Ross

"Options (Wolfjames Version)," Luke James ft. Rick Ross

"The Worst," Jhené Aiko 

Best R&B Album
Islander, Bernhoft 

Lift Your SpiritAloe Blacc 

Love, Marriage & Divorce, Toni Braxton & Babyface  -- WINNER

Give The People What They WantSharon Jones & The Dap-Kings