Tuesday, January 20, 2015

MESSAGE: Misconception

I read, and hear people talk about various things all the time. One thing I hate hearing is when people who are "spoiled" talk about hardships because mommy or daddy didn't buy them something. I met a 27 year old woman the other day, we were at a hangout and she had a tempertantrum because her dad said no to paying her BMW bill. I also know someone who's mother still dresses her up as a barbie. Can I also throw in someone I know who throws a FIT when she hears "no" or doesn't get her way? Keep in mind these are GROWN women, or atleast should be. At what point do people cut that cord with their grown children? When do you allow them to fend for themself and learn to be an adult? Allow them to learn about responsibility? I know that parents will always love their children and be there if they can; but when do you, as a parent say enough?

I listened and conversed with a few people who envy those who have it like that. They complained about them getting the upper hand because they constantly have help. It was a 30 minute discussion that I was tuning in and out of. Then when they asked me "Eb what do you think?". I  closed my eyes and took a breath so here it is.

I can't get mad at those who have it like that. The entitled, spoiled sheltered or whatever you chose to call them. I know if my family was in that position then MAYBE they  might do the same for me.What I can do is be happy and thankful that my family isn't in that situation. Because if they were, I might be like the chick who asked me "do you know where the gas tank is?". I'm fully independent, think for myself, I know what it takes to make things happen, I have this drive that can't be stopped and I don't pout when being told "no". There's a different make up because of how I was brought up and being selfefficient is one thing I'm very thankful for. I see people struggle to be alone, struggle to learn the basic skills of pumping gas, money management, cooking, cleaning and so on. For me it's second nature to figure stuff out and make a way. So I don't get mad at those who can't be independent instead I'm happy because I am. So stop looking at someone elses life and envying what they have and you don't. Know the grass is never greener on the other side, that's why we have our own lawns to mow and nuture. If we take care of what God gave us we can make it grow into this beautiful landscape we never knew existed. Don't look at someone elses journey and try to follow suit, what worked for them might not work for you. Why? Because it's a path God inteded for them to take not for you to mimic. So be happy with the cards you've been delt, at the end of the day it's a great hand. Live your life the best way you know how. Think about it

<3 Ebony