Thursday, January 22, 2015

Message: I Knew...

I knew I was ready when I stopped being afraid of the outcome. When I fully submitted my dreams and didn't get anxious or scared; when I trusted in God, is the moment that I knew I was ready.

Most of us hold onto things. We have a bad memory or that ONE person in our life who put doubt in us. Then when we try something new, we think of what they said. They're like that evil person on our shoulder making us doubt so that we don't try.  I dislike reading these statuses on Facebook or Twitter "If i don't expect anything then I can't be disappointed" or "I knew that would happen which is why I didn't try" and so on, we all know those somber depressing statuses.

Question: Have you ever thought that those things happened because you DON'T expect a good result or that you didn't TRY?

The Secret... Many people swear by this and live by it. Celebrities like Oprah and Steve Harvey and many more have talked about it. The POWER of belief, action and patience is what it's all about. NOT to mention the POWER of thoughts and words that you posses. Which is why many old heads say "Watch what you say". If you have yet to read or watch The Secret I highly suggest that you do so. Speak things into existence, and be appreciative during the journey until they come your way. It's hard to be positive and happy all the time. It's hard to  bless those around you when you KNOW they don't like you. It's hard to pray and wish best wishes for your enemy. I know trust me. But the power of forgiveness isn't for them, it's for you. Forgiveness sets your heart free and lets you live happily.

Trust me I HATED praying for my exes. The one who cheated, the one who put hands on me and so forth. It was tough! But I did it, now when I see a picture of them I don't get upset. My blood doesn't boil and I honestly, wholeheartedly wish them the best and pray for it for them. Why? Because I learned to true meaning of forgiveness and put it to use.  Once that happened, those doors closed and new ones opened.

The POWER of forgiveness and the POWER of The Secret are two things I know are real, it's working for me right now. Just try it. It's not easy but once you get the hang of it, it's worth it.

<3 Ebony