Friday, January 9, 2015

MESSAGE: Flaunting

"Get over it"

How many of us have heard that. Or "you're overreacting" my favorite "it's not even a big deal". I hated hearing those things from people. Especially from those who I leaned on and needed to help uplift me. It wasn't until years later when I realized those who are saying those hurtful phrases or "words of advice" weren't looking out for my best interest. Instead it was something to say because they didn't care about how I felt.

It's hard to get over something when you used to live in a place that would remind you of that person or situation. It's like people are happy and rush to the opportunity to boast about that person who hurt you. To show you pictures or relay information about how well that other person is doing. Flaunting your pain right in front of your face, just to get a reaction.

I learned that the best reaction is to not have one. I learned to play the game; I was the queen at acting, pretending that it didn't bother me. The more I pretended the easier it got to mask my emotions. Soon it got to the point where I couldn't mask it anymore, the taunting and the flaunting; I wanted it and I needed it to go away. So I went away.

Now it's easier to deal with the pain, to relax and honestly with my entire heart heal. We all need to heal, but lets face it plenty of people would rather see you in pain, gain weight, and be an emotional disaster. People love to see you fall apart; don't give them that satisfaction. I'll keep it short today and say:

"Get over it"  but do it on YOUR terms.