Thursday, January 15, 2015

MESSAGE: Breathe and Believe

There's no handbook that outlines your life. We wont know when storms are coming or how high to jump when that speed bump is right in front of us. The only thing we do know is that God is in charge and with him everything will be alright. Even if you haven't found him yet, someone is praying for you. We all need help from time to time, and I'm glad to say mine comes from him and one other person. I've been here for about four months now, and I'm glad that one person has helped me, loved on me, and checks in on me. NO this person isn't family instead like she says "we are the family we choose".

People don't want anything to do with you when you're at home. They throw shade and talk about you. BUT the moment you get out and start to do well, the messages start coming, now we are "family", all of a sudden my friend requests have spiked to at least 30 a day! I love getting requests from those who I know don't like me, of course I'll add you. I've prayed for you and I know you want to see into my life, so be my guest. My IG is public so is my twitter follow and join the journey! :) Nonetheless the "support"  (even if it's shady) is appreciated ;).

2015 is going to be very different. Not only is my drive on fire but God is constantly working through me even at times when I wanted to give up. I know the best is yet to come, but what Gods doing right now; I cant help but get on my knees and thank him. Plenty of projects in the works and new goals that I won't share because honestly I'd rather show you than tell you. 

One thing I noticed is my pattern when talking to people has changed. I asked God to remove those who I don't need and who aren't here for my best interest. Funny thing, I don't even think about the "friends" that I used to have. I use quotations because they would call when they needed something.  I now respond to people in the way they have to me. I don't reach out anymore I don't stretch myself thin and put others before me. I talk to 3 people on  a regular basis the others are just nosy so I ignore them and get to them when I choose.

One thing I do love is the level of support I've gained from Facebook, twitter and Instagram. People I have never met are wishing me the best, retweeting my stuff, and also sharing on Facebook. I never thought I would be able to reach people like that, and it's truly humbling so thank you! When someone messages me saying "you're a fantastic personality" or I get job offers from online and satellite radio programs, or even get tweets from famous celebs it all lets me know I'm on the right path; and it's reassuring that I do matter in this world, I have a place.

My life is on the internet. What's next is going to spectacular. Thank you for all the support; even if you're lurking ;)