Sunday, December 7, 2014

Poem or thoughts....

 According to the world natural beauty isn't a real thing. The European look is validated while the natural look from the mother land is mocked. I'm to dark no wait not dark  enough to tall no wait not tall enough, to big chested but for this you're not big enough, small ass I'm not thick enough but my thighs tho?  

No makeup that means I don't care about how I look. To much makeup and then I'm a whore with daddy issues. Small heels and I'm uncoordinated or a child, six inch heels and I'm a stripper or prostitute. Tight clothes mean I'm a whore baggy clothes means I have no confidence.

 Saying "I want a man" and I'm a weak woman saying "I don't need a man" and I'm a stupid woman. Having lots of girl friends means I'm a party gossip girl, having lots of male friends and I'm a THOT (which makes no sense by the way). Having no friends I'm a loner with bipolar disorder. 

Getting focused and staying quiet all of a sudden "I changed" making money and now I hear "money changed me" I've been the same but you didn't bother to SEE me. Don't answer my phone because I'm always being used, answer my phone and they say "I have nothing better to do". 

Write a blog about reality an Indepth perspective on situations and now I'm called the Taylor Swift of radio because I write my emotions but hey atleast she getting money though.  

Use real English the type certain people tried to hide from us and I'm "acting white" when I talk with ignorance or say "yassss bitch" I'm now considered to be "fitting in". 

Made white friends and now I'm selling out  to many black friends and I'm racist. Don't respond to messages on social sites now I'm a bitch. I say hi back and now They think I want the dick. 

In a better place and they say "I think I'm to good now". 

At the end of the day you'll never make everyone happy so Yes that is true according to you "I'm to good now" 

To good to sit back and allow the pointless thoughts, assumptions, negative notions, and bullying situations seep into my blood. To good to sit and be complacent by your side and die slowly in this life. To good to wait... And wait.... And be okay with nothing. To good to honestly believe that people's views of me matter. As you knocked me and tried to pull me down to where you lay, God grabbed me and told me "I'll be okay". Nothing changed me, where I'm going changed you. Realizing you could've had it too but you lost focus. I'm still lame tho right? I'll take it. 

Late night poem or maybe just thoughts. Written on my phone in the morning I might polish it up. Might. 


<3 Eb 

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