Friday, December 19, 2014

Just Ordered My Third Novel

Oh man guys! I'm beyond happy right now. For those who know me you know that writing is what I LOVE and the fact that GOD Is allowing me to do so is amazing. I just ordered a copy of my third novel, so I can edit it before I send it to my editor. Lesson learned from my first novel, ALWAYS check your work! You check it, send it off maybe two to three times and then YOU check it again. I was very sour how my first book was edited, mainly because I paid an editing team who did a very bad job, now my first baby is out there lookin  a hot ass mess! But not any more!

My second novel I Hate Social Networking is still doing very well! I love my editor for loving my work and making it extra spectacular. With this third novel I can't help but feel excitement. I'll say the title of the book and what its about in a month or so :). I love reading my first book and then my second and now my third, looking and seeing how much I've grown with my writing is great. The fact that you guys are buying it shows that you care about my growth. It's like you're watching me grow through my writing so we are growing together; that is very personal :)

Check out the "My Books" section to see what's out and whats on the way! Thank you all for the support I love you and appreciate the buys, the kind words and the prayers! Please keep praying for a sista I greatly appreciate it .

<3 Ebony