Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Holiday Happy

I love the holidays, despite most of them being drama filled and just awkward with fake "love" in the air. To me there's something about holiday smells that soothes my heart. I'm not disappointed to spend the holidays in Texas this year and not in Alaska; although I will say snow is much missed for Christmas time.

Thanksgiving this year, had to be the first time I've experienced a happy holiday. There was no awkwardness, everyone I was with was at the table, laughing talking and enjoying each other NOT on the phone or locked away in a room. We cooked together, laughed, released some stress; girl chat was great and it's something I really don't get to experience. After a much needed nap, us ladies got pretty and danced the night away.

Sitting there at the table and watching new friends and old friends build relationships, I realized that this is how it's supposed to be. You're supposed to be happy. I wasn't bored, I wasn't surrounded by weird conversation, or quietness that would usually fill the air.

What do the holidays bring you? Is it happiness? Grief? Pain? If it doesn't bring happiness than change the scenery for once and see what that brings you. I realized it's the little things that matter, the looks, the smiles, the conversation. The people around you do in fact have an impact on how you act and deliver things. After having a great turkey day, I can happily say I wont settle for anything less than a happy, talkative, smile filled holiday because now I know it's possible and not just a plot in a Hallmark movie.

Christmas will be very different this year as I plan to spend it solo. I need time to myself and reflect, Jesus has been more than good to me, I don't believe the word exists yet for how well off I am thanks to him. I plan to take that day and the days leading up to it and after to be in practice of solitude with just him and I.I get excited every morning as I pray and follow my plan on my Bible app, I know there's something right in front of me that he is planning to reveal. I have nothing else to say but thank you.