Friday, December 26, 2014

Crucified My Own Heart-Ebony

Getting love in a world full of hate 
Seems impossible with all my mistakes 
Finding love in a place with disgrace 
Makes me wonder if I ever had a place 
To call my own something to call home maybe even someone to call on
The world makes you cold 
Bitter... In a way it gives you jitters 
Lookin over my shoulder to see only my shadow followed by pitch forks and torches 
But yet he expects us to love this? 

Nail me to the cross 
Crucified my own heart 
Mind in a furry 
Words all bunched up  
Vision is blurry 
Actions all screwed up
Living in a world full of hate
Is the same as loving people
Despite them being a mistake 

Nail me to the cross 
Crucified my own heart 
Wipe those tears 
And use a needle to sow my fears
With all the lies and hurt and it's starting to seep through 
I don't know if I have enough thread to mend what's due

Nail me to the cross 
Crucified my own heart

Smile on my face 
Can't let them know they beat me 
Smile on my face 
As I walk in new territory 
Smile on my face 
So they can't see my pain leak 
Smile on my..... 

Many say:
Nail me to the cross 
I can't love in this world 
so I crucified my own heart 
Might as well die now 
Just die off make my life short 
To experience no love, tell me what is life meant for? 

Many say: 
Just nail me to the cross
I don't wanna feel my heartbeat 
So many just crucify their own heart 
Because of all their emines 
They don't know where the lie ends 
They can't see where their life begins 
So they just burry it deep inside 
Not allowing them to live life 

They say God is love 
And he is what we seek 
How can we not love if love is what God has made in us? 
The weak, the ill, the sick minded 
Much like us we all need one thing 
So don't nail me to the cross 
Don't crucify my heart 
I Believe it'll happen again
Until then I gotta let my heart mend. 
I won't allow society to tell me how it should be 
What's me and what's reality 
You can't blindfold me and end me 
You can't nail me to the cross and crucify my heart