Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Personal- Ebony Williams

Move...sway.... once to the left and then backwards
maybe you thought I would say right.....or maybe should say right

but the way my personal....my personal being goes.....it allows me to go in every direction but right

Eyes closed,... head back... neck rolled...popped back
relaxation seems to escape my body, it's all around me except where it should be
let me stop that's to personal, my thoughts should be my own.

Reasons for
Nothing less
And or more for

We face challenges every day and some fear to head in the right direction.
.that right direction makes you face those fears
but instead we would rather live in fear...
be feared ......
love fear..
caress fear with it's wicked intentions and seductions of the left path

whats the point on going right when left feels so..........good? It's simple...

Simply for
Ones own
Art for
Leaving life and entering in a world of fiction


Life is all around us
 it soothes us it makes us move and want and needs things or people.
The sky changes colors, sun sets and rises and clouds make noises an art that's easy to escape to.
That problem that was knocking so ferociously on your door is drowned
by the colors that dance below Gods feet and above our heads.

Why face those fears of reality, when escaping into life's art is staring you in the face?
So beautiful, peaceful and untouchable.

Maybe it's my own

Persona that's
Erupting inside me
Reaching my boiling point
Negative thoughts
Language cannot escape....but yet they want out...


Holding onto the pain is easier than releasing it.
When you release it people want to come in and fix it.
As I sit in the dark, corner of the room
and allow my mind to race and thoughts to find it's own place, I
breathe so slow.
I inhale and exhale with purpose,
cherishing every moment God has placed in my life.
Revealing that

Personal.. my personal
Relieving myself
Sooner than
One would ever think
Never to leave my thoughts unattended
After all it is my
Life, so I do what I want with my personal as I wish...


cherish it, hide it, tuck it away or share it...
who's to tell me that I'm to personal? I'm not among the:

People who
Reality because of
Someones harsh words and
Obliviousness to the
Nature around us, after all my
Life is no ones but mine...


- Ebony Williams