Wednesday, November 19, 2014


There's something about Gwen Stefani's "Baby Don't Lie" that gets me into a trance. I zone out and feel the music and fall in love with the lyrics. Or I watch the music video and admire her style, her spirit, her groove all of which are free. There is something about Stefani that tells me it's okay to be myself.

That's music, that's what real music does for someone it feeds the soul, it speaks to you. Whether I playing Gwen Stefani, or NWA or Merna, Anthony Hamilton, Mr. Probz,  India Arie, Leela James, J.Cole,  Jhene Aiko....I can go on for days about great musicians that make me think and soothe my lyrical mind with their words of eloquence.

I supposed that's why I love being in radio so much. I love hearing new songs, and albums before they hit the airwaves. Hearing new talent that's trying to break into the game, and seeing their heart and dedication is lovely. I love making a connection with the music and the artists, because as an artist myself, we can appreciate other creative minds.

I will keep this one short, I've been very inspired with my posts as of late. As I sit in the studio Sam Smith Stay is now beginning to play. I'm touched yet again by another persons ability to release their soul into song. I thank God for where I'm at. Many times through out the day where I just sit, watch and appreciate all those around me; it excites me.

He didn't have to bless me, but he did because he believes in me. I try not to get emotional but with a God as great as he is, how can I not? I sing to the rooftops, I dance as hard as I can and I pray on my knees with my whole heart. I refuse to let this go to waste, I came to far, experienced to much and I'm meeting to many great minds to not make something of this experience. I'm humble... I'm grateful... I'm inspired, thank you Lord.