Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Nightly Thoughts of a Writer - By Ebony Williams

Nightly Thoughts of a Writer-

If she's your lady
tell her she's beautiful everyday
give her a hug and kiss her forehead
original by Corinna Delgado
hold her face and look into her eyes

if she's your lady
hold her hand and be proud to have her
smile at her sometimes for no reason at all
make it known to her that there is no other

if shes your lady
don't let her think she has competition
don't allow her mind to believe in the faults of man
don't let her settle into the mindset that men aren't any good

If she's your lady
treat her as such
love her as such
hug her
kiss her
hold her
Talk. To. Her                                                                            
If she's your lady
treat her right, she will in deed treat you better

That's only
She's your lady.

-Ebony Williams