Monday, September 29, 2014

Thoughts = Rubix Cube

Jumbled thoughts
words are all discombobulated and transformed
into different meanings
like the your
or is it you're?
what about yours? is that even a word?
Simple things
become or is it became?
jumbled all because we think or thought? to much
because our thoughts are like
Rubix Cube

Breathing becomes a chore
thinking becomes a pattern of hurt
walking becomes the devils playground
and speaking... speaking with eloquence becomes
to come by
buy or bye or bi?
I'm sure one means a greeting and the other well never-mind
my mind is like
Rubik's Cube

Simple gestures a simple
"hey how are ya?"
transforms into
"hay are you?"
doesn't make sense but the way my mind words
it jumbles everything back together
the complex nature of ones mind
drives me crazy or is it us crazy?
I did say ones mind right?

Is it Rubix or Rubik's?

-Ebony Williams

listening to Jhene Aiko- Promises

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Nightly Thoughts of a Writer - By Ebony Williams

Nightly Thoughts of a Writer-

If she's your lady
tell her she's beautiful everyday
give her a hug and kiss her forehead
original by Corinna Delgado
hold her face and look into her eyes

if she's your lady
hold her hand and be proud to have her
smile at her sometimes for no reason at all
make it known to her that there is no other

if shes your lady
don't let her think she has competition
don't allow her mind to believe in the faults of man
don't let her settle into the mindset that men aren't any good

If she's your lady
treat her as such
love her as such
hug her
kiss her
hold her
Talk. To. Her                                                                            
If she's your lady
treat her right, she will in deed treat you better

That's only
She's your lady.

-Ebony Williams

Friday, September 12, 2014

It's Your Time

It's Your Time 

We sit back and let life pass us by 
We sit there and think of things we should be doing 
We sit in silence praying and waiting for God to give us an answer 
The answer is revealed when we get up and do something 


Words I've heard for the past couple years 
but yet
 I was still fighting many demons 
but yet 
God was saying to keep walking 
but yet 
I curled up in a ball and would randomly get the energy to fight... 
I ... I .... I 

See the selfishness in the above statement ?
"I ".... 

The battle wasn't mine to fight 
you see 
God fights through us 
you see 
God is the shield the protector off all that goes through me 
you see 
God was telling me to walk a long time ago 
you see 
But I was fighting...... me

It's your time leads to are you ready? 
Breathing, waiting, anticipating the future but 
That future seems so bleak that nothing seems to seep light 
What do I do now? 


When you get a chance you have to take it. When those demons come knocking just walk past it. When that light seems like it's to dim.... just remember that there is light 
seeing light means there is a way out, there are better days and this storm will go away. 

It's Your Time... What are you going to do now? 

-Ebony Williams

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Maybe a month or so ago a "friend" questioned my support when it came to their events. I was amused until he proceeded to talk on something that he had no room to speak on. Today I received a message about support and how someone appreciates my support, financial and presence wise. Here's how I feel about it, as I wrote a nice status on Facebook I decided to delete it and create a blog. 

I have so much love and appreciation for those who I know and don't who support my craft. I'm not just talking about a "like" on a status or a comment of "good job" "congrats" etc. I'm talking about the ones who come out of pocket of maybe $9-15 to buy a book. Someone who spends gas to make it to events, those people I love dearly. As a creative mind and using writing as an outlet seeing people post my book and saying "go get it! this is hilarious" warms my heart. I released my first novel about two years ago and I run into people who say "man I still need to cop the first one" ... I just smile and go about my day. I know they wont "cop the first one". If they haven't had time to spend $10 on the first one in the matter of two years, what's a couple more right? ;) 

Verbal support is great too. The more word of mouth people have about your project the more people it will reach. Word of mouth or words of the keyboards spread awareness to an audience you probably couldn't have reached on your own. So for those who talk about my projects, post to Instagram, Facebook, re tweet whatever, thank you. 

Here's where support claims bother me. You can't get mad and try to give verbal lashings at someone when they don't support you. Look at what you're doing? Have you supported them? Have you bought a mix-tape/cd, a book, gone to events and so on? If no (like my friend) then why have the audacity to get mad when those people don't support you? People at times want you to do for them, give for them clear your schedules for them. I know the people who wont do that for me; and for those people I don't support your events, your crafts or anything else you have going on. Simply because of the greed, the judgment and attitude that comes from their direction. Alaska is small despite it's size; so when you speak ill about someone else, trust me others will find out. Why would anyone want to be in business or associated with a bad mouthed foul person?

When I have time I most certainly go to events, I do grab mix-tapes and buy local artists cds. I don't showcase it or brag about it. Instead I send it out to other radio personalities who have to ability to play it on the radio. I do my support in a quiet way and don't want recognition by it.  By me being a creative mind I understand the hustle and I can't help but respect those who I see working just as hard if not harder than I do.

So for my writers, rappers, dancers, photographers, artists etc. I see you! Keep on doing what you're doing I'm sure we will link up when we reach the top. May god be with us because Lord knows our chosen profession require a lot of dedication, heart and faith.