Friday, August 8, 2014


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 Hate Social Networking (Comedy)-
Is it just me or is Facebook, MySpace, Tagged and whatever time wasting, soul sucking, mind boggling bs networking site full of lames? Facebook is the QUEEN of “Tough Guys”  MySpace is dead but where everyone is a musician and Tagged is where perverts can peep you out. All these sites give men interweb balls filled with words of testosterone. Females swear they are models by posting a bathroom picture and little boys replace their display pic with one that looks nothing like them. All these sites are making it easier for enemies to become your best friend, guys can brag on how much money they make and females can stalk their exes. What happened to “Hey wanna get a coffee?” Since when did that turn into “What’s your Instagram name?” I miss the romance of talking on the phone for hours, now it been replaced by texting and Facebook poking. If you ask me this blows. I want LOVE PEOPLE! Is that too much to ask? Well enough of the venting for now, time to get some shut eye before work.  <3  Hope