Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Clippers and Our Reality

We read the stories, see the memes created and that are floating all over our social networking sites. We take light to Donald Sterling  and his situation because the new  NBA commissioner made a decision that ultimately made one of the biggest statements of 2014. BANNED for LIFE! Those words, in bold big ink, will make anyone cringe a little bit.

Let's take a look further into this situation. Here is why Sterling and the Clippers is a reality and no big deal to most people today. You have your young beautiful woman or the "side piece" to a rich wealthy older Caucasian man. He just so happens to be rich and the supposed "sugar daddy" to his "assistant". Not only do we have them sleeping together, she's scorned because they "broke up" and she claimed to "get him back". 

Now we hear that she spliced these private discussions  together to get others to see him in this light.  My question is, how many times has she heard him speak this way? How many times was she recording him while she was straddling him? Why now?   Reports of Donald Sterling first came about YEARS ago with his views on the African American community. He owns housing units that make it impossible for minorities to rent. In 2003 Sterling  had to pay off over $3 million to his tenants in the LA area for his racially biased abusive behavior claiming he wouldn't rent to Mexicans because of how they "smelled". Where was this story before now?

He cheats on his wife, talks bad about others who look different than him, and he sees his organization as a bunch of animals who do nothing but put money in his pocket. These words I'm sure he's said countless times before.  Now we have the pretty ex girlfriend who spilled the beans because her ties to Sterling were cut short. Classic case of a woman scorned.

It's 2014, not like we've been oblivious to the fact that old racist people still exist.  Or to the idea that not everyone likes those they work with or work for. I'm sure we've all had co workers or bosses to whom we've said negative things about.  In no means am I defending Sterling, his words or actions. In no means am I feeling sorry for the side piece or Sterling for being BANNED. What I do feel sorry for is for the people who think of this as "brand new" and are surprised.

That just shows that there's still a little bit of obliviousness when it comes to people. It shows that people aren't really aware of the things that are STILL going  race wise. It shows me that some people honestly think we are equal and not still divided.  The new commissioner had a tough decision to make, talk about being welcomed into your new position right?  

I agree with the commentators when they said the new commissioner made history. This stands as a front and shows that we have to come together, be better and educated when it comes to the world around us. This woke up the America that might have been asleep and ignorant to the years of history they tried to wash away.  Sterling is classic high school history text book material. Yes folks, this type of thinking still exists.  It's unfortunate that we had to have this happen for people to be applaud.

Clippers is our reality, because it's just that reality. Only difference is that it's high profiled compared to what goes on in the tri-city areas. There are worse and will continue to be worse until someone reaches those areas that are in need and help them. Why can't we help those cities and come together like we did for the Clippers? One day at a time I guess, question is, when will that time come?