Tuesday, March 4, 2014


I can't lie I'm a sucker for intellectual conversation.  That type of talking that requires some type of stability and mental growth just soothes my soul. Word play placed in specific forms and educated sentences formed; just does something for me. 

Problem is, many people you come across say what you want to hear. It's hard at times to  decipher the truth and separate reality from the fake. Who's blowing smoke up your butt and who's truly genuine. Many people love word play and many people are wordsmiths. 
They tend to speak on what eases your ears and heart to get you to calm down. You know those text messages that say "I miss you" when y'all haven't spoken in awhile. Or when someone says they will call and or text because they know you're feeling down, but surprise they don't. But yet when you're in the heat of the moment, upset, hurt and ready to give this other person a piece of your mind; what message do you receive? "I miss you" or "thinking about you" then all of a sudden you forgot why you were mad. 

Wordsmiths tend to manipulate you. They tend to play you against your own emotions and make it seem as if you're "trippin". They are slick individuals who know how to place words at the right times to calm that fire you have inside. They are the ones who have the ability to make anything sound good and realistic, when they have other intentions. Problem is, you lose a little of your truth when you allow that to happen. You lose a little reality when you play the game of chess with your words against theirs. 

When going against a wordsmith you might knock down a couple pawns, while you're busy being satisfied with that; they've already called checkmate. You see, they are one step ahead of you sometimes two or three. They are smart and strategic. The master of manipulation  is what defines a wordsmith to me in this type of situation. Learn this wordy game if you require someone to have a certain amount of lyrical eloquence before you carry on with them. Pay attention to their moves and actions. Don't fall for conversations that only happen on their time; especially if you require a little more for you to be satisfied. Those random texts and phone calls, if they are rare and you expect more make a decision to converse with someone else. Issue with that is, people tend to want to change the wordsmith into being something they aren't, which is simplistic. Some try and talk to those who are hard to get a hold of and will accept any excuse they dish out. In reality that wordsmith doesn't give two licks about what you have going on.

If you desire conversation, seek it. Don't let a wordsmith change your mind and make you complacent with the bare minimum. Settling is changing your worth voluntarily. Changing what fulfills you I order to get someone's attention will always harm you. Dealing with a wordsmith who butters you up will ultimately bring you down. They say life is a game in every aspect. I say life is chess to be specific. It's about brains and brawn. It's about strategy and who will move where first. It's about breaking that wall of pain that's protecting you aka the pawns. It's about getting past those knights and rooks, hoping not to get caught by the bishops while you make the ultimate concur. It's a game to see who will finish where in due time. When you deal with a wordsmith and if you are oblivious to what's about to happen; your pawns, rooks, bishops, queen and king will be taken before your eyes. 

Why? Because wordsmiths know the game of strategy, they know what you will say and they are waiting to counter play. Don't fall easy to those sweet words. Get your game up, and be prepared, leave those wordsmiths and sweet talkers alone. Those who honestly care, will show up despite what's going on around them. Wordsmiths always claim to be there, when in reality they aren't. If you think you have a wordsmith on your hands say this: " You are never there". If they get all iffy and puffed up and now all of a sudden want to talk, you know you have a wordsmith. They can't deal with the reality of what they are. A manipulator who is only there on their time to satisfy what they need and could careless about what you have going on. They will say whatever you want and respond to the bare minimum to keep you in their corner.

When dealing with me, like I said before, I can't lie I'm a sucker for intellectual conversation. What I'm not is a rookie in word play so trying to be a wordsmith with me would be a waste of your time. What's your next move? I already called check mate.