Tuesday, March 11, 2014


If you're sensitive and have expressed so because of the things I choose to write and how; it's wise to not  read further than this sentence.

Expression, emotion, and point of view. The great thing about being blessed with the ability to write is well, being able to write and have a platform to use for expression. I have this "friend" on my Facebook page who is one of the most sensitive females I've ever encountered. Anything I write about, she has an issue with and her responses are always sensitive. Whether  it's about fitness, poor body image, suicide, bullying and so on; she's dramatic and did I mention SENSITIVE? Here's just a little background on her though: she was teased in high school and is obviously going through her own issues when I read her Facebook statuses, so her mindset on me writing about certain issues is too much for her to handle. Note, she is reading this most likely so I can't wait to see the message she sends about this one.

When writing, I will do as I please; because I get paid to do so and  this is MY website. When certain topics come up that I have experience in and I'm asked to write about or to place input on I will, because yet again it's my job and what I enjoy. Also in this blog is celebrity 411, what are they doing, who did what, what they look like and so on. If you don't like it, well it's easy... don't click the article for the day. It's not rocket science to see what my blog postings are about. I put a mini description in the title, as it's supposed to be.

I understand people have their own issues and with today's world, people are extra sensitive to those issues. So if you don't like my title on someones "body image" and you think that it's harsh, that's fine. If you don't like my view on suicide and how I feel about it, that's cool too, don't read my article titled "Suicide". If you get offended by me writing about how all people get mean looks in the gym and not just the ones who are over weight and self conscience; again that's fine. I don't mind conflicting opinions about what I write, as long as it's presented in a respectable way. If you have an issue, express it to me. That's part of what continues education after school is out: conversation among adults where we can learn from each other. But if you can't express in a way that adults do then it will be ignored.

I'm open to what people think and I encourage feedback. What I will NOT put up with is libel from ignorant people who believe wholeheartedly that they have a place in an intellectual debate. They should be on the sidelines taking notes. Reality is, things are harsh and what I write about  doesn't even measure up to the world they have to face when they leave the house. Mainly because what I write isn't harsh by any means. Again, I know they're reading this so I'm trying to be as sensitive as I can to their feelings while expressing mine.

So I say to you.  The one who sits behind the computer with mean intentions and ignorant messages. The one with the smart attitude directed at everything uplifting and expressive. You don't see me judging you for the incorrect posts you display when re-posting something from Wikipedia (which by the way is not a reliable source for information, seeing how anyone can create a Wikipedia page). You don't see me sending you a message when a racially targeted video is liked by you. May I mention the way you slandered that "skinny bitch" at the gym via Instagram video? Or how much "bigger" a "bitch" was in Walmart (your words not mine). Oh and how can I forget, you are so pro rights and equality, but didn't you comment mean words on a gay couples public wedding photo? But yet, my postings that  cover serious topics and have backup, are carefully researched, and posted are the ones you have an issue with.  My postings that are fun and targeted that way you have an issue with also. Even if I were to post an adorable kitty picture you would find a way to hate it. It's interesting, amusing and sad to know that someone I know of is that simple minded.

Fits the status I posted yesterday :" Don't let what others say stop you from the things you want to achieve"