Monday, March 31, 2014

MESSAGE: Company You Keep

People wonder why I stick to myself. In a previous post I wrote about observance and how if I'm out and about just chillin I'm watching others to get characters for my book. In this blog posting I'm going to go a little deeper into the company that I keep.

I was asked why don't I go to certain events, hang out with certain people that I'm cool with and why do I keep mum about certain things in my life.  To answer the first question, I'm a firm believer in watching the company that you keep. I support many people and their endeavors, I respect the hustle of people trying to make it and branch out of Alaska. The reason why I don't attend certain things is because I know the crowd it would draw, and that's not something I'm not willing to be apart of. I don't place myself in positions to where my character is questioned because of those around me.

As far as the second question goes, I hang out with two main people here. When I say hang out, I'm taking about real friendship and conversation, without the worry of it being spread about. I don't mix business with personal, I keep my job my job, my friends my friends, and my family my family. On occasion depending on the friend I will bring them around family, when that's done; I consider them family and not friends.  I don't like getting to close to people I have to do business with on a personal level. If it's all about business than let's keep it professional, we don't need to paint each others nails, talk about our pasts and have a sleep over. I would like to know the basics of doing business with someone, but I don't need to know your mamas name and where she grew up.

Lastly, why do I keep everything so mum. Have you ever wondered why certain celebrities are so happy and others are miserable and  in the tabloids all the time? You have to think of your life in the same way. Letting all that drama out, letting EVERYONE know what's going on with you at ANY given time (thanks Facebook) will only allow the Vulchers who could care less about you to feed off your pain.  When you separate the personal, from business and public everything will have it's own place and you'll be happy with the seperation. Somethings are meant to be personal and kept between two people, not three, four or your family.  I've always been happiest when no one knows my personal life. I don't think it's anyone's business on who I'm with, what we are doing, or who he is.  Why would someone I don't call a friend and is just an associate need to know how long I've been dating someone? Why would my job need to know if him and I are having problems? Why would my family need to know our intimacy?

The company you keep can harm your professional life. I might be cool with Joe Bob, but Joe Bob is into some heavy illegal stuff that everyone knows about. Why would I take a picture with him and post it as if we are best friends? Now what do I look like? I might think Sally is a great girl, but she's known for her promiscuity why would I take a pic with her and post it? Now what do I look like? Many people mean well, but many people aren't doing well. Many people we know are onto great things, that doesn't mean you need to tag along, who knows what they are doing to get there. I can respect your hustle and not get involved because of the crowd you associate with. You might be okay with hanging out with Joe Bob and Sally, but for the path God has me on, I can't be.

The people you plan to work with can and will look into your social life on these networking sites. I'm mindful of what pictures I post and what I'm doing in them. I'm crafting my life in a way that's acceptable by God now, because of that I have to let many things and people go. At times it's lonely but he assures me it's all worth it so I can maintain my focus.

So I mind the company I keep because if I keep those around me who have goals and are pushing towards them, I'm bound to keep on that path. If I hang with those who aren't doing much, eventually I'll become the same thing.  I want to be pushed towards God not driven away.  So PERSONALLY, I'm not willing to be less than what God has in store for me, are you?