Monday, February 10, 2014


A poetic formation of encryption, because some peoples statuses are just so confusing but make me giggle.

I guess things are kind of encrypted.
Those comments and expressions that don't really pertain to anyone but are aimed at someone

The underling message that you have to pay close attention to in order to understand.
Or the ones that require you to "read between the lines"

I guess its encrypted if it's meant for a few to understand while leaving the rest oblivious. Like those statues that say "This isn't about you but if you feel some type of way then there is some truth to it for you" what the f**k does that mean? But I guess it's just another form of encryption

Those pictures I see my girlfriends post on Instagram that say "team solo" in the comments, then they  post another picture of how they can do bad all by themselves, and then don't forget the post a couple hours later that's about love and finding a man.

I guess the confusion is necessary?

I guess saying "I'm single, a down chick and would like the attention of a man" is to much to ask?
So instead they post random photos in an order that makes no sense for someones attention.... hmmm

I guess coming out and speaking on how you feel with no encryption is to much to ask because of the fear of public judgement and humiliation.

What's the point on speaking your mind publicly if you're just going to use a form of encryption?

Not sure about you, but I think that defeats the purpose on "social networking"

A world that is supposed to be yours online and allows you to speak as you wish exercising your rights that are protected by the First Amendment.

Those words that we use in this world are cut short because of the mere thought of being confronted about our actual conflicts.

Why be encrypted when you can be honest and squash the problem?

I guess it's encrypted to make some feel like a bad-ass.
Releasing all those emotions so that one person can read it or comment as a form of support when in reality it's about them.

When I think about it, who has the time to stay encrypted?!

I guess encryption is a form of comfort for those who can't really express themselves because of the thought of losing a friend.

So if you feel a certain type of way about this blog posting today than maybe it has to do with you. Or maybe it doesn't... I don't know, maybe it's another form of encryption.