Monday, February 24, 2014


It's funny how people don't appreciate what's in front of them. Whether it be, friends, a job, having a place to sleep, eating the list goes on.  It's not until something tragic happens when most people all of a sudden appreciate those minor things. When they lose that job they constantly complained about, when the bed they complained about is gone because they have no where to sleep, or that friend who passed away, you know that person most people ignore but now claim to miss?

I hear many people complain about little things and just take for granted what God has given them. Most of you even take your life for granted by doing careless things. What also amuses me is when people get upset about little stuff and completely lose their cool. When did people get so sensitive to where we can't have an imagination without someone getting their feelings hurt?

The problem is many people are handed things now. The process of hard work is overlooked because of who you know and not your ability to complete the job. A sense of entitlement is what most people posses because they don't want to pay their dues to get to where they want. I mean who wants to work hard when you can call mommy or daddy to fix things right? Another issue is that people think they are deserving of much more than what they really are. In their minds they should be in a higher position because they have on rose colored glasses. Instead of understanding that almost everyone before them put in work.

I just wish it didn't take losing something or for a tragedy to happen in order for people to appreciate what they're given. For me I understood the concept of appreciation when I was growing up. I understood that people around the world didn't have a place to sleep or meals to eat, and for that I was appreciative and grateful. I've always had people around me who "cared" but I didn't appreciate them to the fullest until I lost my best friend in 2002. When she died I realized life is really short and if I care for you I will say it and show it anyway I could. I wouldn't want a day to go by where I didn't tell my small circle of friends I cared and thank you.

Remember those days when you did something wrong and had repercussions from your parent or guardian? When they said you were on restriction? For those of you who know the word restriction that was 10x worse than being grounded. Being placed on restriction, taught us to straighten up and appreciate using the phone, going outside, watching TV. It took punishment in order for most of us to see things. As we grow up, it's no longer referred to as restriction it's now reality.

Imagine losing your car and that was the only means in your mind of transportation. What if the last thing you said to someone was to hateful and petty, then the next day they passed away? How about your parents that you fought with because you think they're being overbearing instead of loving, and now one of them is gone? Or what if you lost your job that you complained about when taking to Facebook, now those bills are pilling up and you received an eviction notice? Bet you would love to have that job now huh?

All I'm saying is don't wait to appreciate something or someone. Give thanks, tell your friends you love em,  hug your family, have patience with people, be appreciative that God woke you up today and for goodness sake appreciate your job because you could be without all of those things; and that would really suck.