Monday, January 6, 2014


As I had a conversation with a few people over the weekend we talked about how some people don't excel in their craft. We see many people who claim to be an artist but don't know how to work a studio let alone spit a rhyme. We talked about some people claiming to be an author but have never written anything with substance or meaning with intent to reach people. We vented a little on how television showcases broken families and how women fight over baby daddies instead of uplifting each other or making us laugh. The glorification of teen shows now are reality with teen pregnancy and drug use.

We watch things and read things that are designed to change our mindset and get us hooked and talking the next day. Where is the substance? Where are the women empowerment shows that doesn't involve a smart woman sleeping with a married man? Where are the shows with strong teenage leads that doesn't allow that teenager to have a drug issue or sex issue? Why now do shows have to have these problems for teens to watch? The shows I watched growing up didn't have those issues and yet we were tuned in every week to catch the latest episode. We wanted a relationship like Cory and Topanga finding a boy in high school who loved you and still knew how to be a friend instead of that bad boy who couldn't spell or define what a verb is. I guess that's because we live in a day now where sex is at it's highest and it's true sex sales. Sad part is, it doesn't matter if that sex that's selling is of a teenager or adult.

I heard this young Caucasian girl tell her mom she wants to be like Kat Stacks when I was in the store the other day. The mom had NO IDEA who Kat Stacks was so all she said was "that's nice honey" and pushed the cart to the next isle.  As I went to check out I saw a little girl skimming through the pages of Cosmo because Khloe Kardashian was on the cover.  I stopped and looked around observing people and their kids and actually seeing how out of tuned these parents were with these little kids threw me off. Where's the teaching? Where's the caring about who the hell Kat Stacks is or why a ten year old is reading freaking Cosmo?

I know I'm not the only one who has vented like this or will. I know that there are many petitions to get certain things off air and the content changed in certain television shows. Truth is we can complain all we want but it wont change! Want to know why? It's because OUR reality is what we watch on television. In real life people fight over baby daddies, teens get pregnant, people have drug issues, families are broken, the smart women does in fact at times sleep with men they shouldn't even if they are married and I know a few women who have or are doing this!  Reality television is trash yes, but it's called reality for a reason even if it is scripted because it's either touching on something I've been through, you've been through or that we are going through. So cringe at the thought of another love show with that crazy ass female looking a mess, stop holding your breath for teen pregnancy shows to go off air because it won't, don't get mad when the slut gets the good guy and screws him over,  and accept the fact that Love and Hip Hop probably won't stop until it's reached every hit city in the US.

It's called reality television and it doesn't need substance because in reality a majority of people don't have substance or even know what it is.