Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Quiet Time

Loud thoughts, unstoppable doubt and confusion! Can someone hit a switch to turn off our brains sometimes! That precious moment of quietness can be wonders for us. That moment when nothing seems to be going right, or that day when everyone is testing you, even that time you look in the mirror and start picking at the things you want to change. Those moments are when we need to put ourselves in time out.

Quiet time!

This morning was GREAT and in a matter of well five minutes I was as irritated as ever. I'm glad now that when I get this way I know to pray immediately. This is something I've been working hard on because of my mild anger problem when people are stuck on stupid. I prayed and decided to make this morning a good day and ignore the ignorance.

Quiet time isn't just for kids it's for adults too. It allows us to gather those thoughts that seem jumbled when we're going 100mph. Take a min to breathe! If you feel like you're to busy to take a minute for yourself. take a bathroom break, go outside and get it together. Don't bug out to much to where you can't find time for YOU. You are the only one taking care of what you need to do. So when things are busy, when life is crazy, when people just piss you off just by opening their mouth, go sit somewhere and take a time out. No phone, computer, tablet NOTHING just take a minute or two to regroup. You'll feel a lot better.