Thursday, January 30, 2014


We know to be nice to others or do unto others as you want done unto you. Being nice seems overrated seeing how most of the world is just a pit full of backstabbery (yes I made that word up). So you might be thinking what's the point on being nice when no one is nice to me? Or whats the point on being positive when I'm basically Murphy's Law in the flesh. Well my little grasshoppers, here's why I think being positive is one of the most important things to be in your life.

When you speak negativity, whether it be about others or yourself, that will actually come out as an action towards you. Being negative is like a second job. It's exhausting, takes a toll on your body and changes your heart.  When you're negative all things negative will come to you. I remember my pastor saying "when you speak bad, it processes through your brain, then through your mouth and finds a way to meditate to your heart." Letting negativity into your heart will cloud your mind on all the good that is supposed to come your way.

Another thing to think about is, how being negative can effect your personal life. No one wants a Debbie Downer in the circle. No woman or man wants someone who's negative and brings that mood around them. Real friends and ones who are prospering to do great things don't hang out with those who focus on what's going wrong.  We can get doubtful at times that's normal. Optimism has to be one of the newest things I've learned to accept and actually try out.

When things hit the fan for me, I couldn't see light at the end of the tunnel. All I could see was stuff not happening, getting shot down when I was trying to get out of my current situation. Everywhere I turned was a NO and every person I talked to stopped me dead in my tracks. It's easy to turn negative, to doubt yourself when nothing is going right and you can't see light.

I prayed one night, and I had everything lifted on my chest when I asked God "Why can't I get a yes?"  He responded "You have to see the good in the things I deny you. It's for a reason" I stopped questioning after that. I started to focus on my craft more, making my attitude positive and helping others. I became distracted with changing for the better because I wanted to. I became oblivious to the blessings I was receiving. I stopped doubting God, I stopped seeing things through my eyes and getting frustrated when I was shut down. I've slowly come to terms with understanding there is glory in the no's I received, that's because God has something even better for me.

So when you're negative, and you can't see a way out. When nothings going right and doors are shutting in your face. Just try to understand that there is a door that's already open, you have to keep trying until you find it. Being negative will only cloud that door form being seen. Negativity will bring you to a new path that might seem right but in reality it isn't.  So switch up that attitude and see where it lands you.